Monday, May 20, 2013

~ Purging ~

I haven't started packing boxes yet...I'm still in the midst of decluttering, tossing and donating along with organizing what I plan to keep.

It's evident that I am a hoarder of:

- Pens, Pencils and Sharpie markers of any color
Office Supplies

- Ribbon & some wrapping paper
- Empty boxes to "maybe use to ship someday"

- A ton of craft supplies that I'm giving to a friend 
- Paint!

Don't ask me why ~ who knows?  Some days I've been exhausted with the process, other days I leave it alone. I do have to get it done though.  My daughter was on vacation last week and we ran around 3 or 4, looking, wishing, having lunch, you name it!  It was so much fun and a pleasant distraction.

I'm really dreading the storms forecast for our area this evening and tomorrow. They have been so violent all around us ~ scary stuff!  I was in a tornado when we lived in Amarillo and once is enough ~  My heart goes out to all that have been affected by them in the past week.


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saves boxes to "maybe use to ship someday". ;-)

    Dreading the severe weather tonight....stay safe!


  2. Praying all those in the path of these storms and tornadoes! Just heard on the news there is a massive tornado in Oklahoma City right now! The time spent with you daughter is time very well spent, Pat. It will all get done. xo

  3. Know that you are not alone in the saving/collecting/never tossing dilemma. Lately it seems everyone is trying to purge, simplify, downsize. It's supposed to clear the clutter in our minds and make us less stressed. Do you believe that? I have plans to work on my basement over the summer...and yes, it will take all summer!

    I'm glad you had some mother/daughter time, it sounds like it was fun.

    Please take care with the storms...we have some nasty ones predicted for tonight.


  4. I need to purge!!! I really won't. I know that! I do some from time to time but I could really clean out a TON and still have a full house!! WHY is it so hard to let go of stuff? I wish I knew.

  5. Guess you don't want any of those boxes I have been saving too :)

  6. I just got another delivery from Amazon today and I went out into the garage to add the box to my "future shipping needs" pile and noticed I already had a ton of other boxes already being "saved!" LOL! I can totally relate. :)Stay safe with the storms. :)

  7. Take care up there, Pat!
    I have been doing the same thing, but at my FIL's house. It's a chore!

  8. I'm glad you had a nice distraction with your daughter, Pat. Purging is good, but you know what, somehow it'll all get done. Best of luck, my friend! xo

  9. We are going to spend this weekend getting stuff ready for a garage sale. I could purge forever and still have too much stuff. I have no idea how we are ever going to move and it is in the plan for the not too distant future. I'm good until I go to the basement...then I see the storage room, yuck.

    We didn't get nearly the bad stuff they said we were going to. I was so relieved after watching all the coverage of Oklahoma. I don't think we ever get used to those nights when the warnings are popping up every 5 minutes. Sounds like you had fun with your daughter...what a lovely break for you!

  10. Oh I save a lot of stuff too Pat, don't feel alone my friend!

  11. So needing to do a little purging and organizing. Just can't seem to part with too many things...


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