Saturday, June 22, 2013

~ My Heart is Shattered ~

Abby, Mimi, Alex
Christmas 2012

My heart is shattered.  My gorgeous granddaughter, Abby, was fatally injured in an automobile accident early last evening in OK. It still feels like Friday night and yet it's early Saturday morning and our lives are forever changed. One of her friends also died and one is in critical condition in the hospital. His parents were driving in front of the kid's 18 wheeler lost wheels and they hit the kids. The photo is one I love ~ taken at Christmas with her and her amazing brother. I posted about "time" yesterday and little did I know how fitting that quote would be. Abby was beautiful, brilliant, funny, loving, strong willed, independent and always up for an adventure. She would have celebrated her 16th birthday July 8th and was preparing her Mom's car to take it over when she received her driver's license. Alex is as handsome as Abby was beautiful and he too is extremely brilliant and so very talented. He's such a sweetheart and owns a piece of my heart. I don't know the "why" ~ none of us do. I damned sure don't understand it. I know God has the master plan but it's so difficult as humans to try and figure out why so many bad people are left and these lives were cut so short. Please remember Alex, my son & d-i-l, her sister Angela and my daughter & s-i-l in your prayers. My family is devastated and we're all going to have a huge adjustment. Dance with the angels, sweet girl! You are so very loved ~ 

I haven't had a moment to blog due to packing and organizing for my move the 28th. Now it's going to be a real challenge to get all this done.  My sincere apologies for not being around to visit.  I'm not even sure when I will now.

Monday, June 10, 2013

~ Live Your Life ~

It's a beautiful morning and the coffee is great! My brother suffered a heart attack on Saturday while at Horchow's in Grapevine. It was a God deal as to how it all developed...speedy EMT's, info communicated to the hospital, top cardiologist and team waiting on his arrival. One artery 99% blocked, a stent and excellent care since. Had he been home, Dr said he would not have made it. In fact, he didn't want to s-i-l had one of her sisters visiting from Kansas and they convinced him to go. A long-time friend of theirs (Robert) is a Minister in this area. He told his wife that they needed to go to that same mall. She said she didn't want to go...he insisted. When they walked in, there was my brother waiting for the ambulance.  I asked Robert if they went to that mall often and he said, "never".  No one knew my brother & s-i-l would be there!

I know I'm always talking about trying to make the best of each day and letting folks know you care. Don't miss a chance to make that phone call, write a note or send an email. Every moment is so precious and we're not guaranteed more than the moment we're in. 

Right now, I can't even think about pillows, decor or cooking. I do have a LOT to do re: this move coming up so I think computer time may be limited for me...I think I need to be in "real" life more. Take the time to live your life!  Enjoy nature, pets and people and consider every moment a true blessing! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~ Rambling ~

I know I haven't posted much lately ~ just so much going on. The situation with the folks upstairs almost got the best of me. Not sleeping, being on edge all the time and constant noise has taken a toll. I found myself doing and saying things last week that is not me at all. Saw the Dr on Friday and he gave me something to help sleep temporarily as well as blood work for my thyroid. So far, I am sleeping better and that's a huge blessing!

The people started moving last Thursday evening. Just to give you a glimpse of their character, they had 2 guys in a truck to help but they threw their furniture off the balcony onto the ground!  I heard this whomp, bang, thump and looked out. There was a sofa, a chair, a table, boxes, a mattress, box springs, you name it! This was a first for me. I try so hard to take care of my most people do...and I cannot imagine this. Then they, along with others, were there all day Friday cleaning, banging and doing who knows what. I was in tears by the evening.

We had 2 deaths in our family last week so I have been pretty fragile. I do know I'm a short timer here and that's a HUGE blessing!  I'm working so hard on clearing out and organizing before the packing begins. It's amazing to see the things I haven't used and some I've actually forgotten about. These need to go to new homes and bless others.

My apologies for this post being a downer ~ it's just where things are right now. In the midst of all the chaos, I am still grateful! I have so many blessings and my heart and prayers are still with the folks in West, TX and all of those affected by the storms in OK.

I have completed a couple of projects that I will show you soon. I think that painting has begun a form of therapy for cooking and baking. :)

Enjoy your days and be sure and tell your friends and loved ones how much you care. We only have this moment, right now!  Will check back in when I can.