Friday, January 10, 2014

~ What Your Favorite Color Says About You ~

What your favorite color says about you:

1. White: This indicates a desire for simplicity, perfection and purity.

2. Red: This person is usually outgoing and lives life to the full.  They are optimistic, hate monotony, and are driven and ambitious. They may also be impulsive or aggressive. 

3. Maroon: This is often the favorite color of someone who has had to cope with hard experiences in life. They are mature, generous and well-disciplined.

4. Pink: This indicates a desire for love, affection and security. It is a fragile, gentle and delicate color that is linked to feelings of protection and care.

5. Orange: This is the color of the flamboyant, fun-loving, sociable person. They are usually good natured, popular, curious, fearless and dramatic. However, they may be fickle and restless, too.

6. Yellow: This color is associated with happiness, wisdom, a desire for novelty, a sense of adventure and a rich imagination. It is usually linked to a good sense of humor and a rational mind.

7. Green: Green symbolizes balance, hope, sincerity and peace. Green people are generally concerned about the well being of others, are patient, modest, self-effacing – but can sometimes be exploited and used by others.

8. Blue: Blue is associated with compassionate, caring, patience, perseverance, conscientiousness, self control and a sense of duty. These individuals are dedicated and reliable people – but also worry about how things will go.

9. Turquoise: These are more complex characters. They are creative and imaginative, and drive themselves hard to achieve their goals. Although they appear to be calm and controlled, inside they may feel tormented or perplexed.

10. Lavender: These people are usually impeccably dressed, are refined with a sense of class and culture. They have high ideals, are creative, charming, witty, classy and sophisticated. Typically, they are committed to causes that are noble and great.

11. Purple: Purple people are usually artistic, highly individual, unique and sensitive. They are independent thinkers, who are unconventional, and are likely to achieve positions of power.

12. Brown: Browns are known for their stamina and patience, for being conscientious, dependable and stable. They are rarely impulsive - but can be inflexible.

13. Gray: This is associated with caution, compromise, stability, hard work and good business sense. Grays are usually introverted and suppress how they feel.

14. Black: Blacks are dignified, mysterious, have hidden depths – and reveal very little of themselves, their beliefs, their hopes, desires and personality. 

What is your favorite color?

Red for me!

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  1. Blue. But I love yellow, turqoise, and pink. Opposite of red, too. And more and more, I like green. I love it as a complimentary color.

    Interesting test.

    Hope you are well, Pat.

    Happy New Year!



  2. How true! I am definitely a white and pink girl!

    Thanks for sharing! I love this!


  3. So interesting! I'd have to say green, and it's pretty much true!

  4. My choice falls with everything from red to pink.

    And that's me. Flowing both ways. ,-))))))) Out going and also wanting gentle security.

    Mmmmm, did anyone say "skitzo"? LOL.


  5. Blue and green are my favs.
    Fun little test!

  6. Pink. I'm definitely a pink girl. :) This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. hmmm...can I have more than one? Because I love white. But I wear lots of hot pink and all the shades of blue. And I love to decorate with green.

  8. Cute test! My favorite color is green. Next color would be pink.

  9. I'm Blawn. Or maybe it's Brock. Either way it's brown and black, weird huh not sure I'm much like either of those things!

  10. Pat, Pink is one of my all time favorite colors, seems to fit. Hope your 2014 will be wonderful! Laura

  11. I'm hard pressed to pick only one color. I love them all! The thing about color is that I love them grouped in specific ways - usually by value and saturation. Other than that, I love a full spectrum all used together in the same place. :)
    Color is such an interesting topic.

  12. I love red..but I must say yellow for me is first, then red, then green and blue…but lately, I have been gravitating towards blue…Love this post!

  13. I pick 2. I am red and turquoise, just not together! I tend to opt for turquoise in decorating and clothing. I love red for clothes, it make me feel good...but I don't use much of it in my home. I think the descriptions are pretty close to true for me!

  14. Hi Pat, your blog looks sooooo pretty! Love the color chart, I am blue,and I would say true!


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