Saturday, March 22, 2014

~ Ramblings ~

No, this is not me...but this is the way I've felt this past week!  
It's a very long and boring story...just suffice it to say that I probably should not have electronics in my home.  I decided to change cable/internet providers and it's been a total fiasco!  I changed email addys in the process. The change didn't work out so I returned to my original provider.  There have been technicians in and out of here daily....for hours at a time!  Furniture has been moved out, a new piece brought in which my son-in-law was kind enough to assemble for me. Furniture has been moved all around the living area and at the moment it looks like I just moved in. One provider needed the connection on one wall and then the original provider needed it back on the original wall. Tomorrow will be a new day of putting things in order again.

In the midst of all this,  Linda, of Life and Linda, was kind enough to do some changes and updates to my blog. Besides being such a sweetheart and immensely talented, she has the patience of Job!  My internet was down a lot, the new email was not fun and yet she hung in there with me. If you would like a blog update, by all means contact her!  She is outstanding!! 

Also, for the past few weeks I've been helping my daughter and s-i-l pack, move and unpack. I've really felt for them as I know how very difficult it is to move. 

I know everyone is ready!  How are the temps in your area?  We've had some absolutely perfect days...high 60's and 70's with no wind. We reached 85 I believe one day this past week. Today? It's cloudy, windy and back to colder temps. 

Yesterday was 9 months since we lost Abby. It's still so difficult to "get it" that she's gone. I continue to expect to see or hear her. Most days are better now, however, the sad ones return at times. It's just the process we have to go through. Continuing to find ways to honor her helps most of all!

I hope to be able to return to blogland in the next week. I've missed visiting and seeing what everyone is up to. I certainly haven't had the mind to blog, even if I'd had the internet working! :) In the midst of all this chaos, I lost my blog list so I'm trying to add that back. Blogger has not been fun case you didn't know.  Oh well...

IF you've made it this far, thanks so much!  :)  I so appreciate your taking the time to stop by and I hope you'll leave a comment.  Those make me happy, happy, happy!!  (Yeah, Duck Dynasty!)


  1. Oh Pat, I feel your pain! I don't like changes, even things such as internet providers:) I hope it all works out and you can stay connected!

    Sending a big hug and a special prayer your way! My heart aches for yours! I know that you miss Abby SO much and the joy that she gave you will always be in your heart!


  2. There is nothing more frustrating than tech issues. You hang in there.



  3. I sent this before I said, {{{hugs}}}.

    I am barely awake. Up late dealing with the ins and outs of an upcoming, stress-inducing, but hopefully fun, meeting. My brain is on auto-pilot.

    But my heart is there with yours. It has been a year since we lost our young godson who had graduated. College with such promise. I still can't believe he is gone, either.



  4. Hang in there Pat. It will all get ironed out if you have the patience. I'm proud of you for switching back when you weren't happy with what you got for service. We have AT&T Uverse and we've always been happy but the bills are awful. I'm working up to calling them and pretty much insisting that the bill has to be lowered. My neighbors have done that successfully.

  5. Oh you poor Dear!!!!!!! -sigh-sigh-sigh- You have certainly been "through the wars"!

    I so hope that all will soon calm down. Sustained stress is just not, not, not good for us. Hope when all is hooked up, furniture settled back, and family moved... You will take some time to just sit back and relax.

    Really! After stress, our body needs some fully-stress-free-time. Some all-for-us time. Some sit-back-and-fully-relax-time.

    Gentle hugs,

  6. Awe Pat, sorry to hear you've had such a tough week, in many regards. Just remember, "this too shall pass". Sending cyber hugs your way!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  7. Pat, you have been so much and it's time for you to have good positive things in your life. I know internet stuff can be frustrating. You know I am always here, ready to help you. Thanks so much for the sweet mention. I hope you are starting to feel better. Big hugs, Linda

  8. Oh Pat, I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a bad week. It's never fun to deal with cable providers. They can be the worst! I know things will get better for you from here on out. Sometimes I just sing part of that little song in my head..."accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" and it actually helps. :) Also the phrase "All is well" can do wonders. :) Sending lots of hugs your way!

  9. Pat, I can certainly relate! It's frustrating when blogger decides to change things. I also changed my comment box back to blogger comments.

    I'm glad you have nice weather! We're still waiting!☼

  10. Hi Pat,
    I do know how you feel. Tech problems are a real pain!
    I thank you for helping me out way back when I had trouble.
    Have a good week.

  11. Oh, I do hope things are better.

    I was without my computer for 2 days because I bought a new laptop and had to leave my old laptop for them to transfer everything.

    I felt at a loss to not be able to look at blogs. But, a new, faster computer is worth that two days of disconnect.

    Have a great week.

  12. What a all seems to happen at once. I don not like having workers/repairmen in my home. I never know what to do with myself. I hope you get all the techy issues resolved soon.

    The weather here...ugh!


  13. How frustrating about the cable & internet providers! Hope it's all worked out now!
    But your blog looks adorable so that part was oh-so-worth it! :)

  14. The internet issues sound like a nightmare!! I hope everything is all worked out, and back to some sort of order by now.
    Your blog is so cute.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my post. I'm so glad you stopped by and read the Spotlight Feature at Kris's beautiful blog.

  15. so glad you noted Life and Linda's blog. I clicked over there and it's so wonderful. I can't begin to comprehend what she is explaining about the computer, but she seems to know her stuff (and her home is wonderful too!)


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