Thursday, July 31, 2014

~ 24 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Texas ~

It's absolutely true that "the stars at night are big and bright" deep in the heart of Texas!  Click on the red words to read more about the Lone Star State and if you had to leave.  :)


  1. Agree. We aren't from there, but #2 is in school there so we visit often. It's all true!!

  2. Especially if you are in the country! When we came home and looked at the stars here in town - well - they just seem anemic!

  3. There's truly no place like Texas in the world!!

  4. -chuckle-

    i've never been to texas. but those who live there, do love-it-to-pieces. ,-)

    oh and .... now this great old song, will run through my mind, all day long!!!!! -grin-


  5. True words. Pat!
    Are you crazy for the spicy ketchup at Whataburger? We are.

  6. I love it all, Pat!!! Blue Bell really is the best. I'm part Czech, so I LOVE a good kolache!! Yay for Texas!!! :)


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