Tuesday, August 19, 2014

~ Prayers Please ~

My kids' step-mother is having surgery this afternoon ~ very, very serious!  Her name is Joyce and I really believe that "where two or more are gathered in my name...." has unlimited power.

My chemo buddy, A, is also scheduled for surgery sometime this week. Dr hasn't determined the exact day. For those that are unaware, I volunteer with Chemo Angels. It is an incredible support system for those going through treatment...any age, any gender. There is also a support group for Seniors.  They don't have to be going through treatment...some are alone, whether at home, retirement center, nursing home, etc. Many do not have families or their family members live quite a distance from them and rarely visit. They love getting mail and knowing someone's thinking of them!

I so appreciate your lighting a candle, thinking good thoughts, whatever your choice might be for these two women.  May I also suggest that we all pray for Ferguson, MO ?  I can hardly watch the news on a good day but this is so sad. It makes me wonder what country I'm living
in ~  :(   The situation in the Middle East is heartbreaking too!  There are so many angry people, violence that is unbelievable and lives lost for really no reason. 

I'm so grateful for my health, a safe place to live, fresh water, food, utilities and of course, freedom!

UPDATE:  Thursday
I wanted to advise that Joyce came through the surgery well ~ thanks to each of you for your kind words and prayers!  A has not advised me when her surgery is.


  1. Keeping all in prayer. Thank you for asking!!

  2. Sweetie...you have tons of prayers coming from me. Hang in there and keep us posted.

    Jane xx

  3. They have my prayers. Pat, you truly are a special person. I hope the surgery goes well and she can fully recover. xo

  4. Keeping her in my prayers and may our Lord bless her. Hugs to you, bloggy friend.

  5. Best wishes to your friends...

    How wonderful of you, to do this volunteering!

    As for myself, I do not follow "the news." There is nothing I can do, about any of the horrors. But get myself worked up, and hurt my own health. I do not feel any obligation, to hurt my own health.


  6. Praying for these requests dear Friend! Sending hugs and continued prayers your way!

  7. Praying in agreement with all you asked. God is good- He hears you! xoxo


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