Thursday, October 9, 2014

~ Ebola in Dallas ~

day 9 ~
Big Tex welcomes you to the State Fair in Dallas.

This photo is in jest, of course, but it's kinda scary in this area. The man that had Ebola passed away this morning and one of the Dallas policemen that served the quarantine papers to the family is now in the hospital. He could just be sick with a "bug" or the flu but they're checking him out for the virus. They seem to be finding more and more people that could have been exposed. At first the CDC said the virus could only be transmitted by bodily there's a possibility that it could be airborne. I'm not one for crowds anyway but will certainly be cautious when I'm out. I'm not in the city of Dallas but you never know. I pray that his friends and family and anyone else in contact with him will be ok. 


  1. It is scary! Baby girl flew home Friday and back again Sunday, will be flying again next Thursday, back to school Sunday and we fly down the end of the month. I truly do not understand why they don't have a travel ban yet.

  2. It is very scary! I don't believe it is transmitted as they have said! Too many people are getting it:( I don't like crowds either and pray for all affected by this deadly disease! Sending HUGS your way!

  3. My best wishes are with everyone living where this has been reported.

    What I wish, is that our illustrious government, would put citizens first, and stop flights from those countries.

    Ahemmmmmm, what is our illustrious government waiting for???????


  4. This whole ebola thing is frightening because it is unknown exactly how it is transmitted or treated. My oldest daughter lives in Plano TX and flies in and out of DFW every week. I hope people will be as cautious as they can and have enough supplies in case of quarantine. I totally agree with Miss Tessa's comment.

  5. Scary stuff Pat. We do wonder about the government if they do hide things from the public. This is getting out of hand. I am hoping they get a grip on this fast. I feel for you Pat. Staying away from crowds is a good thing. xo


  6. This is such a scare for everybody all over the world traveling.
    Since it's a new deadly disease they don't know everything about it. I know I would be scared to travel abroad, however those people who have been affected by being on planes coming from Liberia is pretty scary stuff.
    I was real sad when they announced Eric Duncan died
    And I was so sad when they put down (euthanatized)the dog of the nurse who has it in Dallas

  7. Thanks for mentioning this Pat. I've been thinking about that poor woman in Spain, now so sick and her husband who not only has a wife deathly ill but also had to have his dog put down. So much loss, it's terrible. We have to keep praying. And hope the government gets their act together.

  8. Scary, indeed. I'm not one for crowds either. I have my trusty hand sanitizer well stocked. :) It's in all our cars, backpacks, my purse, and all over the house. ;)


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