Monday, October 27, 2014

~ Where I Live ~

I really haven't shared my humble abode since I moved last year. The move was just a few days after Abby's service and it was a very long time before I felt like unpacking boxes, decorating or just living day to day. For those that are not aware, I'm single and retired and have no desire to try and maintain a home with all the chores, expenses, lawn care, you name it!  :)   I loved it when I was younger but not now. 

This post is picture overload ~ just letting you know!

This is the entry and a glimpse of the incredible landscaping. 

This is the front of the main building. The office is on the left as you enter and there is a "Welcome Center" on the right with TV's, coffee and other beverages and cookies. There are several private rooms for meetings, luncheons, parties, etc. The business center, workout facility, kitchen and dining area, mail room and restrooms are all located on the first level.  The main pool is located behind this building. Actually, I'm on the 2nd level on the right and the very back of this building.There is a small dog park but my boy has a few "interpersonal skills" problems ~  :)

One more glimpse of the landscaping and flowers ~ there are lots of rose bushes and other foliage all over the property. 

Isn't this beautiful?  There are huge TV's in every area you can think of and sitting and dining facilities located throughout the property.  Notice the lounge chairs on the right that are sitting in the water!

And more of these lovely lounge chairs on the left side of the pool. Excellent to try and cool off in the Texas heat!

A lovely fountain. This view looks toward the back of the main building. The bank of windows looks out from the kitchen and dining area. One can reserve that for private parties.

One more view ~ 

More lounges to the right of the pool.

Gas grills and another seating area.  These are located through out the property.

A closer look ~ 

The lap pool.

These huge pots are scattered through out too.

More flowers ~ 

Well, we've covered a lot of the outside...maybe I'll let you come inside very soon!  :)  


  1. What a fantastic place, you moved to!!!! Really fantastic.

    Of course you don't want the "headaches" of home ownership now. Of course not.

    Especially when you have such a lovely total place, to rent in.

    Oh yes, please invite us in!!!! I love, love, love to see where-bloggers-live. :-)


  2. Pat this looks like a wonderful place to live! I can't wait to see more.

  3. Pat, it's beautiful! Do you feel like you are at a resort?

    My mom was going to move into an apartment for people 55 and above that is very similar to yours. She chickened out at the last minute and rented a house. I'm bummed that she made that decision because she really would benefit from the friendships that would be made in a complex like that. The one she was going to live in has activities and everything. Oh well, everybody makes their own choices. :)

    I'm hoping you are feeling a little better as time passes. I know you miss your grand.

  4. This is such a nice place to live, Pat! I would feel like I was on vacation all the time! What luxury! And yes, let's see inside! :)

    Jane xx

  5. What an incredible place! Yes, I could live there and be happy! The family was talking this weekend about our moving to Nashville. (I wish! I hope one day!). My kids were like, "Daddy, you wouldn't even have to do yard work!" A little piece of heaven for sure! I'm so glad you shared. Prayers for you continue my friend.

  6. What an incredible place! Yes, I could live there and be happy! The family was talking this weekend about our moving to Nashville. (I wish! I hope one day!). My kids were like, "Daddy, you wouldn't even have to do yard work!" A little piece of heaven for sure! I'm so glad you shared. Prayers for you continue my friend. Grief is personal. Take all the time you need.

  7. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place, Pat. Are these condos or apartments? I remember when you moved and what a terrible time of life that was for you.

    I am glad you are surrounded by such beauty and serenity. xo Diana

    ps. Now you KNOW we want to see more!!!

  8. Oh dear, that is a beautiful place to live! I know that you enjoy the view! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  9. Wow what a beautiful place! The lounge chairs sitting in water are so cool! Can't wait to see more Pat! :)

  10. Oct. 28

    OK, I'm back!

    What? No inside tour?

    Not yet?


    -grin- No I am not really hurrying you along. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. ,-)))

    But... Just don't forget. Some of us are waiting, "patiently" for more pics. ,-)

    You know I am kidding you, don't you?

    Well, sort of kidding.

    Sort of... ,-)

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsey" blog

  11. Pat, your place is gorgeous, just like a resort. I am sure you must be so happy to live here. Maintenance free and surrounded by beauty. xo

  12. Pat, your place is being on vacation every day! I don't blame you for not wanting to keep up a lawn, maintenance, etc. Even with my husband here, it's hard to do things around the house to keep it in good shape. And even though he owns a landscape business, our yard is the last one to get taken care of!

    Hope you are doing well and I look forward to peeking inside your abode!

  13. Hi Pat,
    Oh lucky you! Your place is gorgeous and must feel like you're on resort everyday. I love it!!

  14. Oh how I loved this post, Pat!! Looks like a beautiful, relaxing place to live! My favorites are the lounge chairs IN the water and the lap pool. I was just telling my hubby we need a lap pool in the back yard for exercise. :) Please share some inside pics soon!!

  15. Pat, this looks gorgeous! You've made ME want to move in-lol! :)

  16. What...did you say coffee and cookies at the welcome center?? WOW!! I will just hang out there until you are ready to show the inside. This place sounds awesome, and the pics are beautiful! So glad you shared, but most of all, I am so happy that you feel like sharing. I know you have been thru so much, and I remember how miserable you were at your other place. Hope you are just loving this one!!

  17. Pat I'm so glad you shared your home with us. What a beautiful place it looks like a resort ! I An I totally understand how long it took you to unpack your boxes, that was such a hard time ...I bet your place is so cozy inside now. You'll have to share pictures :)

  18. Just gorgeous and the pics are fab! I just love it all and am so happy for you, cher! Cheers!

  19. Oh Pat what a beautiful pool area. I would be living on those loungers in the water!!!! Love it all. I cannot wait to see your place inside. I am excited you are doing our Spotlight on Saturday. I will be excited to learn more about you. Have a wonderful day.

  20. Livin' the life, Pat! I'm so glad you are happy in your new place. I remember those awful neighbors you had at your last apt. You live in a resort now. :)

  21. OMGosh if I could afford a place like that I would sell my house and move tomorrow. I am tired of the up keep of a big house and lawn care etc.

    Glad little Forrester has a doggy park to run in. My sister has a rescue doggy looks like Forrester. I want a dog also but still working part time so will wait.


  22. A beautiful place to live Pat! I look forward to seeing the inside.


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