Monday, November 17, 2014

~ Monday Musings ~

Seems everywhere I look, it's all about Christmas!  I heard today that it's 5 weeks away. The big blogs are planning another tour of homes, the stores are currently full of Christmas items and the trees are appearing. I just don't have the spirit. I picked up a few things at Michael's on Saturday and haven't even emptied the bags. :)  When I moved I gave a ton of decor away ~ just didn't care about it.  I used to be such a Christmas girl ~ all the decor, music, baking, parties, clothes, etc. A lot of the excitement went away with Abby. I do realize though that she would be on my case for this mood I'm in!  :)


It's very, very cold here!  We had a dusting of snow last night. Seems West Texas received a few inches and they have travel difficulties. The sun has been shining today so that does make a positive difference even though the wind is icy cold. Typical Texas, we went from 80 one day to low 30's/high 20's the next!

Bill Cosby Performs At The Treasure Island

What are your thoughts re: the allegations being made against Bill Cosby?  I am going to be extremely disappointed if they are proven to be true. I loved "The Cosby Show" and always thought it would be great to have him as a dad. Just a note...I do NOT agree that there is a statute of limitations regarding rape. Some girls/women are too frightened, embarrassed or intimidated to come forward immediately. 

I've probably mentioned once or twice that I'm a certified candleholic!  Haven't found a 12 Step Program for it so I just continue with my addiction which is total bliss. Do your tastes or fragrances change for scents each season?  I love, love fall and the spicy scent of cinnamon, apples, pumpkin, etc. The season is gone way too soon for me!  Yesterday I was thinking about favorite fragrances for the Christmas season. These are more difficult for me for some reason. My daughter recently purchased one called "Champagne" and I love it! What are your favorites?

These images are NOT me but could be!  My back has been horrible the past couple of weeks. I've had injections before but I really prefer not to do them ~ dislike having too many steroids. The cold and wet weather doesn't help. No one told me that getting older would bring these things! :)

I think I've rambled enough for one day. Hopefully, I'll get around to visiting more!  Have a wonder*filled week my friends!


  1. I love candles too and have been enjoying an autumn scented one lately that a friend gave me. Hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. I haven't kept up with the news lately, so I'm not in the loop about Bill Cosby. I have noticed his face on the screen a few times, so I knew something was up. I'll have to google him. It sure is cold in Texas, isn't it? We were a little above 30 this morning, which is so unusual this time of year. Hope your back gets better soon!!

  3. So sorry about the back!!!!!

    As to Bill Cosby... I think all his telling blacks to get some gumption and do better, by themselves... Doesn't "sit" well, with some.

    Sooooo, I wonder if maybe this, has something to do with all this negative hoopla.

    Rape... No.

    Consensual sex between two people... No body else's business. If the wife has handled it, drop it.

    You asked...

  4. Oh sweet Pat, I was thinking even before I read your blog that the holidays for you were not going to be easy. Much prayer that you will find some peace. I trying to get excited for the children. With mama and daddy gone, my family has drifted apart with brokeneness all around. It tears me to pieces. Love, my friend, and prayers.

  5. So sorry about your back, Pat. I hope you get some relief from the pain very soon.
    Bill will be very disappointing if all these accusations prove to be true. I haven't watched enough to know all the details, but where there is smoke there is usually fire. Only he and the women know the truth- I just hope there is justice served to the guilty party.

  6. Awww...makes me sad to hear you are in a Holiday funk! Yes indeed Abby is saying snap out of it. Make her smile. On the Cosby issue, I too will be terribly disappointed. I loved that show, and I adored him. He made me laugh and smile all the time.

  7. P.S. I hope your back feels better soon. I think when we ache and the weather,etc. That puts us in a deeper funk. I can attest to that. Winter is not my gig Pat, it really brings me down come January I am over it! I am so upset though about Buffalo. My family is there and they are suppose to be coming for Thanksgiving. I hope they can get the heck out of town.


  8. Hi There
    First I am ready for some snow here in Missouri.
    And the lower back problems I face every day, I have to be very careful not to lift or pull any thing real heavy, I had to hire someone to mow for me because of it putting be down in bed when I would mow.hiring someone was against my income LOL however had to do it.
    And about Bill Cosby what a shock, I believe it since so many have come forward and now a young girl from 4 years ago said she was at Play Boy Mansion with Bill ? what was he doing there? and what was a 15 year old doing there? what a mess

    I always enjoy your blog post


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