Friday, March 6, 2015

~ Just Keeping it Real ~

We have such a beautiful morning with sunshine and warmer temps in the forecast ~ much different from the past few days.  I know that those of you in the NE or Midwest must think we're crazy here in Texas but 4-7" of snow is unique to us!  I do know that with all the adverse weather we've been experiencing the past couple of weeks I could never live where there's tons of snow or constant rain. We have sleet and ice a lot and IMHO, it's much worse for a rookie like me and makes driving hazardous.  I don't know of anyone that isn't anxious for Spring!

I do apologize for not visiting you as much as I'd like lately, nor have I been posting much of anything that's interesting. Please know that I also realize that you visit blogs for DIY's, home tours, recipes, reno's, new ideas and how-to's, etc. and not for a "Debbie Downer" post. the title of this post, I'm just keeping it real!  The holidays brought joy but also depression. I would not wish this on anyone!  Losing Abby has been profound and, as many know, such a loss is not easy and it's not something you "just get over". Some folks seem to think that time heals all wounds ~ well, I disagree!  Time brings a new normal, with more smiles than tears and less ranting at God. Yes, I've done that a lot! He understands though. :) He has the Master Plan and we don't. I know we'll see her again one day but that doesn't change the missing her.  We've done a lot of things to honor her memory and that will continue. I think that's probably one of the most comforting feelings ~ to do things she would love and to perform RAOK's. Helping others and bringing joy to their lives is very rewarding and also something she would do. She lived life full on in her almost 16 years and would want us to do the same. 

Bottom line, just wanted to be honest about what's been going on and now it's time to move forward again!  I can't tell you how many times we've done this and we'll continue to do so. I do have a few projects that I just haven't had any interest in but I want to finish them. I want to be ready and available to be outside when the temps allow, to take long walks with Forrester again, plant some flowers for the balcony and enjoy a glass of wine or 3 out there! When the heat returns, an icy cold beer in a frosted mug hits the spot too!  I'm not an alcoholic but I do enjoy a cocktail now and then. :)

IF you managed to read all of this, thank you!  I look forward to being more involved and upbeat and visiting you more. I really hope that you'll come back to see me too!


  1. Pat, while I cannot begin to know your pain and sense of loss for Abby, I can at least bear sentiment to the overwhelming dark cloud this winter's weather and illness has brought. I am in WV, and this last storm of rain & snow nearly flooded us (and did many others). Like you, I could never live further north. I am hopeful with Spring's new beginning.
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. Rita ~ I cannot find an email addy for you as you're a "no reply blogger". I can't access you by message on Pinterest. :( Could you please let me know your email?

    I so appreciate your stopping by!

  3. Hi Pat,

    I have recently rediscovered your blog. I found it some years ago and then disappeared myself from the bloggy world. I'm trying to make a return. I was drawn to your blog as you describe yourself very much as I would describe MYSELF!
    Today I read your post and learned of your heartbreak. I'm so sorry for you and your loss. A big cyber hug to you Pat.
    I am up in chilly MI. We've just gone through the coldest February in our history. Brrr....but, I've seen the robins returning and the sun was shining today! I have hope that spring will actually arrive here.
    Stay warm!

  4. My heart hurts for yours! I can't imagine what you have felt and will continue to feel:( You post what is on your heart, that's what I do too... good and bad, happy and sad! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles this morning! "Dear God. please keep my friend in your loving arms, Amen"

  5. I just went back and read all your posts about Abby and cried when I read about the accident. We lost our precious Ashley 10 years ago in a terrible automobile accident. Ashley was my niece and Godchild (my sister's daughter). She was 16 years old. Her boyfriend died too, and another friend in the back spent 4 months in the hospital. Ten years later, it is still hard. The holidays are especially difficult and you never know when the pain will hit out of nowhere. Thank you for sharing your heart. I love reading posts where you get to know a little about the blogger. Those are the blogs I keep going back to.

  6. You do not need to apologize for your grieving over such a terrible loss. I, for one, honor your need to share or rant. I hope and pray for your healing, and that Spring will bring new life and more happy memories.

  7. " visit blogs for DIY's, home tours, recipes, reno's, new ideas and how-to's, etc."

    NO, I do not!!!

    I have 0 interest in DIY's, home tours, recipes, how-to's. or in crafts. nor in the latest-thing-I-just-had-to-buy.

    so what's left????? life! what's happening in the blogger's life. books she liked or didn't. her thoughts. her "wonderings". a film review.

    guess perhaps I like to read about what's going on in her head. more than in what's going on, in her house. if that makes any sense. ,-)

    I also know, that people in pretty blog land, use it as a happy time of escape. so too much "downer" stuff, is a turn off.

    but!!! and a big but!!! EVERYONE has "downs"!!! if blogging about anything, is helpful, to the person, then blog it. if it might help us, work through it, blog it.

    my 2 cents.

    hugs, Tessa~

  8. You are so right in never getting over the loss of your dear granddaughter, Pat. It's just so hard to understand how someone so young, vibrant and full of life could not be here. We will never, ever understand. I'm glad that you're looking forward to spring and to getting outside and finishing some projects. I also love that you keep your sweet Abby's memory alive by RAOK. What a loving way to keep her spirit going. Much love is sent to you!

  9. Dear Pat,

    I so vry much admire your strength in all of this. I love you keep it real.

    Your pretty flowers at the sill in those bottles brings joy to my eyes...and knowing full on well how much Texas can't handle snow brings a chuckle to my tummy. You see, we have lots and lots and LOTS more snow for months and months here in Ohio.....but we're USED TO IT and PREPARED for it with lots of plows and salt trucks - so I bet your roads are much more hazardous there!!

    Glad it's warming up for you, and it was in the 40s today - which is great b/c it's been below zero for a few things are melting and making a lot of us quite happy.

    Big hugs of friendship for you.

  10. Hello Pat,I know you will blog more when you feel like it. things have taken a toll on you and your loss of dear sweet Abby is something that is so devastating. Time does heal, but you will always treasure her memories. Take care of yourself. Happy to help you today. xoxo

  11. Such a sweet, heartfelt post and very understandable pain as you miss Abby so much. I also admire you strength to navigate these rough waters and share your hope of reuniting with loved ones in heaven.


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