Thursday, March 12, 2015

~ Thursday Thoughts ~

Do you love tulips as much as I do?  They are absolutely one of my favorite flowers!  A sweet blogging friend, Michele at The Nest at Finch Resttold me today that she had purchased herself a bouquet of 20 white tulips. I think that's awesome!

I advised her that if you don't want tulips to droop, put a penny in the bottom of the vase. Yes, it works! :)  I do like to see a few droop but not the entire bouquet.

~ I thought I'd also share how God blessed me and a young girl yesterday. I had breakfast with a friend, another event with friends I used to work with and errands. I was on my way home and just a couple blocks away. I stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, I started to move forward when a 12 year old girl ran into my car while on her bike!  Absolutely stunned, I jumped out to see how she heart beating out of my chest. Two others that witnessed it came forward too. The young girl, V, kept saying she was ok.  We got her and the bike moved back to the sidewalk area and then moved our cars out of the way. I was so glad this one witness had her wits about her as I sure didn't!  She called the police for me. A lady that was V's neighbor saw her and stopped. Then we called V's parents.  There were several police cars, fire truck and an ambulance ~ quite a spectacle. I was so glad the EMT's checked her out. She had a dime size mark on her left knee and another on her left hand. Thank God that was all! She said she had pushed the button to change the light and "thought she could make it".  Of course, those buttons don't work!  The EMT's and a police officer cautioned her about not wearing a helmet as did her Mom when she arrived. The Mom was very nice and the police told me there was no fault on my part. I finally got home, unloaded groceries, etc.  I kept trying NOT to go to the "what if's" as that thought process doesn't help and can cause more stress. I thought my head would explode for a few hours but it finally stopped.

Anyway, with spring breaks everywhere, nicer weather and kids out and about, be careful! 
~ * ~

We've had this strange bright light in the sky for a couple of days ~ someone said it was the sun!  :)  Such a joy to see plus it was almost 70F yesterday and similar temps forecast for the next 7 days. Makes me happy!
                                                  ~ * ~

Are you watching "The Voice" ?  LOVE it!  Paul Pfau that is on Pharrell's team is a nephew of a girl I used to work with.  I know he has talent and I think it's so wonderful that these young people get this chance to prove themselves.  I think Blake and Adam are so much fun and really make the show!

                                                      ~ * ~

One show that I am sick of is "The Kardashian's" !  I've forgotten how many millions they are receiving in this new contract. At least it's a time saver for me as I don't care to watch it.

                                                      ~ * ~

My daughter has had this antique buffet for several years and just decided to change. Lucky me, I have it now! :)  Will share photos soon. It's white and right now, I'm liking that. If you don't know me well, I am not a "white" loving person. I think it always looks so pristine and beautiful in other homes but this is a first for me. :)

                                                      ~ * ~

Something else that is so different for me is being drawn to a fuchsia pink!  I've always loved red, in decor and clothes. This "pink thing" has happened the past 3 spring/summers and I haven't done anything about it. This year I am!  I'm tired of my current bath decor so I think I'll change it for the warm weather. Saw some gorgeous towels yesterday!  Will let you know when it changes ~ :)

I can't think of anything else to share with you at the moment. I hope you'll go and buy yourselves some flowers and have a wonderful end of the week!


  1. Oh Pat that is so scary!! So thankful she was okay and that you saw her.
    I love tulips this time of year. I actually bought some of the ruffled white ones this past week and they are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Pat, well right after your email about the penny I found one at bottom of my purse and I tossed it to the bottom! Thanks again for that AWESOME tip!

    My sister has been trying FOREVER to get me to watch The Voice - I need to now that I know someone you know has a relative on it, how cool is that?

    God bless, have a great weekend when it happens. Enjoy your warm temps!

  3. oh what a scary, scary thing to have happen. wheeeewwwwwwwww.... no wonder you were "rattled", for a while after. no wonder.

    yes, I'm glad she was ok. but also yes, I do hope someone (her mother/father) really, really, really impress her with how foolish she was.

    if a 12 year old can be killed, riding a bike, than that 12 year old should be grounded! until she learns the facts.

    I know! I'm hard-hearted Hannah. but... I am!

    hugs to you!!!

  4. I think it is our age, Pat. I am drawn to fuschia, too, lately. It just makes me smile and feel good.
    Glad you got the buffet-the white is a non-color so you can dress it however you want!
    That is awfully scary about that little girl. I know you have replayed it 1000 times in your mind.BUT---all is well and nothing bad happened. xo Diana

  5. Pat, just reading what happened made my heart race FOR you. I'm so glad that V was alright...both of you must have been scared out of your minds.
    I do love tulips but didn't know the penny trick!
    I love The Voice. I could never choose between Blake and Adam...never!
    Take care and enjoy the sunshine- it IS coming, right?

  6. Wonderfully interesting post, Pat. I am so happy everyone was okay in the car/bike incident. You did everything right, especially keeping positive later.

    I do watch The Voice and love it. Can't keep names straight...just loving the whole thing. I do like some of the Housewives shows, and I haven't seen anything new on the Kardashians, seems they all have different spin offs!

    Jane xx

  7. So happy all is good after the scary incident with the little girl! I love tulips too!

  8. Oh Pat, I am so happy that V was ok and that you were not hurt! My Brother had a similar thing happen to him many years ago. Fortunately all were ok in that accident as well! Enjoy your day dear friend, loving pink this Spring too:) HUGS!

  9. Pat,
    Wow a penny just went into my Tulips I purchased yesterday at Wholefoods. Thanks for the tip. My husband around 30 years ago was at a stop sign when out of nowhere a young boy on a bike flew over John's hood and landed in the street. Even now John talks about what happened and thanks God for letting the boy get by without a scratch.
    Enjoy your weekend, Fuschia Gerber Daisies are amazing and one of my favorites.

  10. Wow Pat what a scary thing to have happen. So happy the girl was ok. I cannot wait to see what you do with the buffet.


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