Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~ Tuesday Thoughts ~

I have a huge to-do list...do you?  Wanna come over and help me?  :)  I think this photo lists the more important things to focus on.  I know many are preparing for Easter ~ are we focusing on the real reason for the celebration?  Sometimes I think the festivities and the  food, decor, Easter egg hunts and having guests overshadows the most holy occasion of Christianity. Pause and remember...

I went to my eye Dr. yesterday and had plugs done again. If you're not aware of this procedure, it's absolutely wonderful!  I have very dry eyes ~ somewhat due to having had cataract surgery plus horrific allergies. This allows your eyes to make natural tears and is an amazing relief!

I also had to take my car in due to a continuing leak of one tire. They did everything under the sun as far as testing, however, nothing found!  Such a relief ~   They always wash my car when I take it in and wow, did it ever need it!  Sprinkles of rain and then the dust and horrible pollen created a disgusting mess. On a black car, that doesn't bode well.  Don't you think your car drives better when it's clean...and when the gas tank is full?  I kinda think it's saying "Thank you!"  :)

Something I feel led to mention ~ I've seen so many snarky, snippy, grumpy comments on blogs recently. So shocking!  Of course, we're not all going to have the same tastes or decorating preferences. So what if TexasSuzieQ (fake name) loves all white and I prefer a ton of color?  That's really ok!  I honestly think TexasSuzieQ is extremely talented and has great taste in her decor. I just can't wrap my head around someone replying, "Why did you buy that in green, use that flooring, put that rug there?  It looks horrible!"  Lots of similar comments and, like I said, I just can't understand it nor is it ok.  IMHO, if you don't have anything nice to say, move on...don't comment!  Didn't most of our Moms teach us that it's better to say nothing than to say something ugly? 

Kindness does matter!

I'm making a little headway in my efforts to spring clean, organize and clear the clutter. It's very frustrating that I'm a bit limited due to my back problems but a little is worth a lot!

Not sure if you've ever seen something like the info below re: Target. Of course, it could apply to many retailers I'm sure.

Have you planted flowers yet?  I think it's about time to do that here in Texas. I would absolutely LOVE to have my balcony look very much like this!  So colorful, lush and happy ~ brings on a "feel good" moment instantly! 

I must stop and get busy!  It's a gorgeous day here in North Central Texas ~ sunshine and lovely temps. I think it's supposed to be in the high 70's today. IF you've made it this far, thank you so much for stopping by!  I absolutely love when folks take the time to visit and leave a comment. Have a wonder*filled week!


  1. Hi Pat, no spring cleaning or flowers yet here in northern IL. Still too cold for either! I am hoping that tomorrow when the calendar finally says April, that warmer weather will come our way. I am "itching" to get outside and start cleaning up and putting pretty pots of flowers on my porch!

  2. Hi Pat- funny you mention To Do lists- mine is reallllly long too!

    And what am I doing? Blog reading and blog posting, heh.

    You are so right about the REason for the Season, doll! Amen, sister-friend!

    I wish you the best EVER! Hugs!

  3. Pat,
    Oh yes - just breathe, Special post, thanks for it.

  4. Hi, Gypsy...
    I have not noticed any bad comments...I have never received one ..Oh, wait...once,several yrs ago, I used the word WALLA in one of my posts. A reader said I should never use it as it wasn't a real word...I thought that a little rude since it's MY blog...Oh, and another time, I was blogging with a lady that didn't mind using cuss words in her posts..and another blogger asked me how I could be friends with someone like that...I replied, How could I not.!!
    O, yes, and there was the blogger that thought I was awful, having a little witch, on a broom, flying from one side of the blog to the other and it passed over my PRAYER LIST. The blogger thought it was shameful...things like that just don't bother me...the little witch was cute and it didn't both me one single bit that she flew over the WORDS, "Prayer list"...good grief.
    Guess I've had more unpleasant comments than I thought. :)

  5. hmmmmm....guess it must be
    ALL ABOUT ME tonight...
    I'm sorry....I wanted to say I really enjoyed your post...I want flowers like that but I want a handsome fella to take care of all of them...you know....like a POOL BOY...:)
    Thanks for coming by...I love your visits.

  6. Hi Pat,m
    I Love your to-do list! You've shared some very insightful information on your post today. Also, the photo of the gorgeous flowers...oh yes please, I want that, too. I have been adding some flowers here and there to try to cheer myself up.
    Happy Easter blessings to you!

  7. Oh sigh. Look at those balconies and courtyard, with hanging flowers and etc. Oh yes!!!!!!

    Here? No way! No balconies on an old Dutch Colonial house. :-)

    "It looks awful"... As a comment on a post? Good grief! How rude.

  8. I so agree, if you can't say something nice don't say anything, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, nor would we want a world where we all have the same tastes...doesn't mean we need to be rude, nice is always best! Loved your post today!!!

  9. That Target info. is the best!!! Thanks for posting that. I SO agree that the universe is listening, and you definitely get back what you put out there. I was just noticing today that I still have pansies in my patio pots. They're about to wilt away from the heat. Guess it's time to replace them. I might try seeds this time. I've had good luck with zinnia seeds in the past.

  10. I agree! If you can't say anything nice, move on:) Enjoy your day dear friend, I will be celebrating Easter on my favorite pew at Church surrounded by family! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  11. I love the things-to-do sign. Speaks to my heart. I will never understand why some folks just have to be nasty and unkind. Gorgeous patio full of flowers ~ Wow. I have dry eye too but it must not be as severe. Happy to learn of the plugs!

    Happy Easter, Dear friend!

  12. Hi Pat! Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful Easter. And yes I agree about the negative comments. Ive been lucky I've never gotten anything rude but I don't have a giant blog following so maybe that's why. But it's sad that some people need to get attention by being judgmental and brash on the Internet ...
    Hugs to you,


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