Monday, April 27, 2015

~ Monday Musings and a Giveaway! ~

For those of you not living in Texas, here are a couple photos of the storm activity we had last night. Not fun!  However, we didn't have any damage here and feel so blessed. The lightning was long lasting and sleep until after midnight. 

This is one of the many tornadoes that was dancing around ~

Some areas had softball size hail ~ some were golf and tennis ball size.

My brother and sister-in-law live south of us and almost in the path of destruction. The ground was already soaked and 4" of rain fell in just a short time. Unfortunately, they had flooding in their living area and laundry room. They used the shop vac until about 2:00 a.m. I feel so bad for them!  They elected to live in my mother's house and completely re-did it. It was gorgeous! They had new appliances installed and a short time later, the oven malfunctioned and caused a fire. Of course, the kitchen was destroyed as was the roof. So much smoke and water damage ~ clothes, furniture, you name it. So....they renovated once again and made it even more beautiful. A few months ago, they had to have the foundation repaired due to the ground shifting. It's like "Earth, Wind and Fire" for them.

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I do want to thank each of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers in regard to my back issues. So far, it's much better!  It's wonderful not to have pain 24/7 so I'm hoping this lasts for awhile.

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I hope you'll take time to view this incredible video. For someone trying to do good deeds, he was treated horribly!  I think it's a reflection of our society much anger, disrespect and venom. Very sad ~  I do know there's lots of good things going on too but this really surprised me!

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Ok, now for the good part!  :)  It's been a very long time since I've done a giveaway and I think it's appropriate to do one for Mother's Day...don't you?  Every Mom should be honored and pampered...including those of fur babies, adoption, favorite aunts and special friends. I know not every female chooses to have children and that's ok ~ we all need to be recognized!

Rewined Candle - Champagne with Free Candle Bag

One of my favorite candles is "Rewined" ~  Wine Scented Candles

Think Chardonnay, Champagne, Merlot, Mimosa, etc.

Rewined Candles use discarded wine bottles and the finest

soy wax available ~ with all natural wicks to produce the

ultimate earth friendly wine scented candles.

The fragrances have been carefully blended to replicate your favorite wine flavors and
aromas. Every one of the candles has a "rustic" finish and have chips by design which 
emphasizes the recycled bottle aspect of the candle. 

This is a short turn around but I need to allow for shipping time. I don't want you to jump 
through hoops, turn around 3 times and hula hoop or have to visit a jillion places to qualify.
I'd love for you to be a follower but it's not required. Let's just have fun and make it easy, ok?
Please a comment and tell me why you love candles ~ you do love them don't you?  I'm a
certifiable candleholic!  Entries are accepted through midnight Friday, May 1st, and the winner
will be announced on Saturday, 2nd.

I almost blog list disappeared with the changes that happened so I will be updating
it on the sidebar.

Another side note:  I've tried to adjust the photo and print here, however, it doesn't want to 
cooperate for some reason.


  1. I heard about the terrible storms from a friend of mine on FB who lives in Texas, too. They were really scared with the tornadoes. I think that is the largest hail I've ever seen! Did you take that photo and the cloud/tornado one, too?! Wow! Ooh, I would *love* to win your lovely giveaway...I love wine and that candle sure is pretty, too. I can only imagine how wonderful it would smell! Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

  2. scented candles...and in a partial wine bottle.....I just can't stand it, I'm so excited....Please add my name to your hat and I, like you, am sooo addicted to candles. We use them all the time. Not only do they make the entire house smell so goood, they are beautiful while they burn.
    We didn't get any bad is softly raining here today and night...and hope it does it all night long.

  3. p.s. meant to say that some of the writing in this post, towards the end, can't be seen...hmmm..not sure why

  4. How horrible those storms are Pat. Glad you were ok and safe. Sorry about your brother and SIL's flooding problems. The first pic is pretty powerful to see.
    Hope now that the storms have passed things will calm down for you guys down there.

  5. Pat, what terrible storms and the size of the hail is amazing. I did see on tv, a storm chaser with his windshield cracking and breaking with that hail. Goodness sake. Be safe!
    We love candles... They are relaxing, romantic, mood setting, etc. Count me in on your generous giveaway.
    Love the product. rewine. I was just looking at how to make your own glasses out of wine bottles. xo

  6. Hi Pat, yes we here in Texas had very bad storms and my area escaped the hail this time. We've had tons of rain though and today is cold, wet and we are asking where did Spring go??? So sorry about your family and the flooding. I know it has been so bad for so many and we are praying for those folks.
    You are having a wonderful giveaway. Love this gift!! I recently won 3 giveaways in a row so I will not enter and give my chance to another.
    Thank you for the email. I am following by email now so I won't miss a thing.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  7. HI Pat, I am glad you escaped the storm but feel so bad for your family! We've been lucky so far and only had pea sized hail and high winds. I watched both of those videos and was terrified by them both, but for different reasons. What a horrible depiction of the human race.
    I have to opt out of the candle giveaway- most candles irritate my eyes/nose. It's battery candles for me!
    Good luck to everyone!

  8. The picture of the tornado sent a chill up my spine. Doesn't it seem that they are becoming more and more frequent across our country lately? Very scary. And that is really sad what has happened to your brother and sister in law. I would have lost my mind.

    What a very sweet giveaway, Pat. I love candles, too. I get the best deals at Marshall's and TJMaxx. Sadly, not all of them smell so great or burn well once you get them home. I like turning off most of the lights in the evening, especially in the kitchen-to give it a break, Ha! I leave a candle burning on the counter, it makes the room look so pretty. Thanks again!

    Hope your back is on the mend!

    Jane x

  9. Oooh yes! A giveaway is an awesome idea:). Thanks! Have a blessed day and stay away from those storms! Hugs

  10. I won't sign up for the giveaway, Pat. I have won a few this year already. I did get your relisted on my sidebar so , hopefully, you are done with that mess! Happy Tuesday- xo Diana

  11. Oh your poor brother and SIL! What an ordeal for them.
    The wine scented candles sound heavenly, Pat, and they are new to me. I am a candle hoarder and buy when there is a sale going on. Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. xo

  12. Pat,
    Tears running down my face. Prayers being said, there is nothing like the fury of Mother Nature. Baseball hail, the largest I've ever seen was golf ball size and that will never leave my memory.
    With all updates to our house wouldn't you know something would break and it would be a Cha-Ching!!! Toaster so I had my heart attached to the SMEG toaster and purchased it from West Elm, best price - free shipping. While at West Elm I noticed they had the rewined candles and I wanted to try one but didn't spend the money. Now I see you have this sweet Mom's Dad giveaway and I got a big smile! Whoever wins your generous giveaway will be tickled Pink and Petiwinkle.

  13. Crazy auto correct on iPad, I meant Mom's day. YIKES!

  14. Awful weather!!!!

    So sorry about your relatives storm damage... -sigh-

    so happy that you are getting some relief!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Pat, I'm still getting your emails on the new blog (I may have signed up again, I cannot remember), but I'm good. That storm looked so scary - I wouldn't have slept either. And I've lived in a house that used to get water, so the concept of a shop vac in the middle of the night is not foreign to me - so truly sorry for your brother! I actually have a soy candle that a local guy made from old wine bottles (and soy). It burns so clean! Thanks for the opportunity - love the upcycling concept and the creative fragrances.

  16. You've sure had some terrible storms these past few days. I saw some pics on the news tonight. I have family in Texas so I always keep an eye on the weather. And yes...I LOVE candles. I like the soft light and nice scents. I have them in every room. Most of my candles smell nice even when they are not lit. Thanks for the fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. OM Golly your storm cloud tornado thing is FRIGHTENING!!!!! And that hail, oh my gosh what damage it would have done to so much!

    I re-signed up for your blog reads, as you know I was having trouble. Hope this solves it, Pat!

    Thank you so much for your generous giveaway - wow! I have always wanted a Rewind candle, they're so neat. Such a great idea!

    Yes, ma'am, please enter me! : - )

  18. We have family in Texas, north and south of Ft. Worth, and there was a lot of bad stuff south of Ft. Worth, I know. Some of our family was only 20-30 minutes from the heavier damage. Scary!

    I'm so sorry for your brother and sister-in-law! What a serious BUMMER for them! Man!

    So glad the shots helped you feel better, Pat. Being pain-free is a gift. I know of which I speak. Hope it lasts you a good long time!

    Candles. I LOVE candles. I've never heard of wine-scented ones. Cool! You're sweet to offer this giveaway, Pat! Have a lovely evening!

  19. Prayers for recovery for all -- especially your family -- affected by the storm, and for continued relief from your pain. The candles sound fabulous. Please count me in and thanks!

  20. I cannot imagine having hail that size. I am sorry for all that your family is going through. Storms can be so scary.
    The candles are such a special, generous gift. I never heard of those, but I am sure they would be a fun gift to receive. How kind of you!

  21. Pat, I'm glad that you're feeling better! Your poor brother and SIL!
    I love candles, and this looks like a fun one! :)

  22. That is some crazy weather! We lost power for about 6 hours and had to replace some things in the fridge, but that's all. A neighborhood a little north of us had hail damage though. Your poor brother and sister in law! At least we're being rewarded with nice weather this weekend. :)


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