Thursday, May 21, 2015

~ Vertigo, Migraines and Floods ~

Well, our drought in this area for the past few years is now over. We continue to get rain and seems it is never ending. There are soooo many homes and businesses flooded and immense damage from all the tornadoes. Lots of people need our prayers and compassion.  My brother and s-i-l continue to bail water ~ last Saturday night it rained 6" at their house. They are trying to make improvements but the weather hinders the work. Hopefully, tomorrow the new gutters will be installed! It really is heartbreaking to see the damage and destruction all over the state.

I hesitate to even mention the continuing vertigo and migraines. That seems so minor among all the tragedies. Dr gave me a new RX on Tuesday and it is helping so keeping my fingers crossed!  He wants to do a complete blood workup so we shall see if there's anything else. I apologize again that I haven't been visiting ~ seems I can stay on the computer a few minutes at a time so hoping that improves too! 

I feel sure everyone's looking forward to a long weekend ~ I hope you have a safe and fun filled holiday!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

~ Not Quite A Silent Sunday ~

I apologize for not being around more and visiting you. I've had Vertigo for the past few days and it is not fun!   Difficult to stay upright and focus.  Will be visiting soon!

Have a blessed Sunday ~

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

~ Let's Talk Sheets ~

Such an exciting topic, right?  :)  I know it really isn't, however, I highly recommend the 

They really are soft and silky. They feel so good you'll want to just stay in bed! :)  They wash and dry beautifully and just look below for the easy fit when making your bed.  Pillow cases are included.

Check out the 400 thread count and they fit mattresses up to 20" deep.

The elastic on each corner rocks!  You don't have to pull and tug, scream or yell at each corner.

And check this out!  Labels on each side as well as each end so there's no wondering if you have the correct side, top or bottom ~ saves having another hissy fit!  Yes, we do throw hissy fits in the South or a bit west. :)

This is not my first set but recently purchased them for spring/summer. There are some beautiful patterns and colors and the price is very reasonable. I've seen sheet sets that cost much more but lack the quality of the Threshold brand.  I'm redoing my bedding for the warmer weather so will show you a photo when I get it all put together. 

I honestly urge you to check these out ~ I really feel you will be pleased!

Yes, it's still raining here. I'm wondering how long we can tread water. Perhaps find someone to start on the Ark???

* I have not been compensated for this post ~ just wanted to share my thoughts and opinion on some great quality sheets and pillow cases.

Monday, May 11, 2015

~ Floods, Tornadoes, Destruction ~

I'm sure you've seen our weather conditions and all the damage on TV.  This rescue is a bit north of where I am, Denton and Sanger area ~ and there are many of these situations, unfortunately.

Cars, homes, businesses ~ there have been no favorites.

Aerial images of the aftermath of the May 10, 2015
Just one view of the destruction in Van, TX, after the tornado.

At least one person was killed when a tornado touched

Mass devastation ~ 

Aerial images of the aftermath of the May 10, 2015

Aerial images of the aftermath of the May 10, 2015

Can you imagine having your home completely destroyed?  No clothes, toothbrushes or toothpaste, just basic necessities along with cars, photos, mementos, everything gone! The people of Van are amazing ~ those that have huge losses are out helping their friends and neighbors look for belongings, animals, you name it.

There are a jillion similar photos that are truly heartbreaking! There are two confirmed dead, 40+ hospitalized ~ some with life threatening injuries and many treated and released. 

Sadly, looters are already targeting these areas!  Makes me sick ~  Stealing prescription drugs and anything they can carry out.

Please keep all of these people in your prayers, send good vibes, whatever you do. We have had a bit of sunshine today, however, rain & storms are forecast for the next 10 days or so.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

~ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Spicy Margarita ~

Are you celebrating today or tonight? Mexican food is just a staple...a part of our food pyramid here in Texas. I love it! If and when you become a citizen of this great state, it's a requirement to sign on for Mexican food! :)

I also love a great margarita. If you like spicy, this is the drink for you!  It will make you feel happy, happy, happy! 

2 oz. Blanco Tequila
1 oz. Cointreau (that's triple sec) 
3/4 oz. lime juice
2 slices jalapeno (remove the seeds and slice into wheels)
Cilantro (just a pinch)

1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and add ice. 
2. Shake and strain into an iced rocks glass.
3. Garnish with cilantro and jalapeno spiral.
Like your marg with salt? Here's how to rim a glass:
Slice a wheel off an orange. Add Kosher salt in a dish. 
Rub the edge of a glass with the rind (this will help the salt stick).
Roll the glass in the salt. 

*I found this drink recipe online but can't remember where. If you know, please advise and I'll be happy to give full credit. A friend makes these and truly, they're delish!

Joining ~

Before you go, please hop over to Christy and Amy's blog for incredible gift ideas !

Monday, May 4, 2015

~ Teacher Appreciation Week and Gift Ideas ~


Although I don't have kids or grands in school, I understand this week is special for all of our deserving teachers. They do so much without proper recognition and pay ~ my definite opinion!


If you're not familiar with this awesome blog,  11magnolialane , you *must* hop over there now and see the amazing talent of Amy and Christy!  They are incredibly generous in offering tutorials, free printables and any information you might need for a DIY project. They also have a wonderful Etsy Shop with delightful treasures!  I've ordered a few things (want more!)  :) and shipping is immediate. Everything I've purchased has been perfect!

easy and affordable teacher appreciation ideas

Free printable floral teacher appreciation quotes | 11 Magnolia Lane

Easy gift idea--Administrative Professionals' Day | 11 Magnolia Lane

Can you stand the cuteness?  You could use these ideas for all sorts of occasions just by changing little things. Don't you love it?

Be sure and peruse the blog for their DIY's in their homes, home tours, room makeovers and various moves each of them have made which leads to decorating another new home. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ I always appreciate it!  Now, it's time to hop, run or jump over to visit Christy and Amy!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

~ Silent Sunday ~

~ And the Winner is ~

The lucky lady is Vera from Rowhomes and Cobblestones!

Just so you know, the drawing was done very scientifically ~ I texted a dear friend and asked her to choose a number between 1 & 16. :)  Her choice?  #8

Vera, I emailed you so please let me know your choice and mailing info ASAP!

Thanks a million to each of you that stopped by and entered. I so wish I could send a candle to each of you!