Saturday, May 16, 2015

~ Not Quite A Silent Sunday ~

I apologize for not being around more and visiting you. I've had Vertigo for the past few days and it is not fun!   Difficult to stay upright and focus.  Will be visiting soon!

Have a blessed Sunday ~


  1. LOVE that, Pat...but DON'T love that you have vertigo. THAT is just miserable! Blessings to you- I hope it goes away soon- xo Diana

  2. Sorry Pat you have Vertigo. That has to be miserable to deal with. Hope that passes and you feel better.

  3. Oh, you must have been miserable! I'm so sorry you haven't felt well. Hopefully this finds you feeling much better. Here's to having a great week ahead! xoxo

  4. Hi Pat, so sorry you are not feeling so good. Vertigo is a miserable. Prayers you are better soon and have a good week ahead.
    Hugs, CM

  5. Praying that your VERTIGO gets VERTI-GONE... Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way dear Pat!

  6. Oh sweet Pat,
    I had Vertigo months ago caused by sinusitis... I am so feeling your discomfort. Big hug and kiss headed your way.

  7. Feel better soon, Pat, and thanks for the food for thought. I need to be reminded on this one sometimes!
    XO, Christy


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