Thursday, May 21, 2015

~ Vertigo, Migraines and Floods ~

Well, our drought in this area for the past few years is now over. We continue to get rain and seems it is never ending. There are soooo many homes and businesses flooded and immense damage from all the tornadoes. Lots of people need our prayers and compassion.  My brother and s-i-l continue to bail water ~ last Saturday night it rained 6" at their house. They are trying to make improvements but the weather hinders the work. Hopefully, tomorrow the new gutters will be installed! It really is heartbreaking to see the damage and destruction all over the state.

I hesitate to even mention the continuing vertigo and migraines. That seems so minor among all the tragedies. Dr gave me a new RX on Tuesday and it is helping so keeping my fingers crossed!  He wants to do a complete blood workup so we shall see if there's anything else. I apologize again that I haven't been visiting ~ seems I can stay on the computer a few minutes at a time so hoping that improves too! 

I feel sure everyone's looking forward to a long weekend ~ I hope you have a safe and fun filled holiday!


  1. I have been watching the news about the flooding and tornadoes:( SO sad! I pray that you feel better my friend! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way and to all of those with storm and flood damage!

  2. When I read this post about the vertigo I wanted to share my experience with you because for 15 yrs I asked every doctor I saw about the intense vertigo. Nothing they gave me helped and I fell 3 times and got hurt pretty badly two of those times. Last December my doctor sent me to a Physical Therapist who asked me during the evaluation if I had seen an ENT. No, no one has ever mentioned that. So I had my doctor refer me to one & went in the next week. 10 minutes later they performed the Epley Method which is such a simple procedure I can't even describe it. VERTIGO GONE!! After 15 yrs!! Think about asking for a referral to an ENT! Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat.

  3. I sure hope all of this mess clears up soon. How scary to live through these storms. Wishing you healing thoughts for your vertigo and migraines. They can be devastating and painful. xo

  4. This rain is relentless, isn't it? We're expecting more rain all weekend long. Yep, we're definitely out of the drought stage. :) Hope your brother and sil get some relief soon. Sending you hugs and prayers that you'll feel better soon. xoxo

  5. Pat,
    I've been thinking about you. I get Vertigo with having chronic sinusitis. I've followed your rain on CNN, really relentless and for CA must be a wishful hope. Pat I am saving lighting the Rewined candle till this weekend in celebration of our 36th anniversary in this old Philly Rowhome. I am so appreciative I won your giveaway and plan to show a photo of it in my next post. The post up is all about art, don't feel stressed to check it out, I understand not feeling well.
    Sending my wishes for feeling better again friend,

  6. Pat,
    So sorry about the migraines and vertigo. Two of the worse things to deal with. I feel for you. Glad the new RX is helping. Hope you start to feel better soon. Love the kitties under the umbrella so cute.

  7. Sending prayers and hugs hoping you feel better very soon!

  8. Sending prayers your way for dry weather and a total recovery from your migraines and vertigo. Hang in there, cher!

  9. Man I hate to complain about the rain because we sure needed it but now it's getting a little dreary and overwhelming. We live right by Lake Ray Hubbard and honestly, I was afraid the whole thing was going to dry up 7 weeks ago! Now it's full and beautiful. I sure hope your family is able to repair their home.

  10. So much sadness...

    But this is no reason, to down-play your health issues!

    You are suffering with terrible health issues! After so much back pain. I do so hope, that all of these things, can be pin-pointed, and dealt with. It is high time, you had some peace.

    Gentle hugs,

  11. I have been thinking of the folks in TX and OK. Sending prayers to all of you, and hoping you feel better with the migraines. That weather does not help with that al all.

  12. Hi Pat, When will it ever stop raining for us here in Texas??!! We needed it so badly but now that we are out of our drought we need it to stop!! So many have lost so much in the floods. Our prayers go out to all those folks. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Take care and wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Memorial Day!!
    Hugs, CM

  13. Feel better, friend. I can't imagine that the weather helps how you're feeling...praying for Texas to dry out soon!


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