Monday, August 17, 2015

~ Monday Musings and an Apology ~

I know I've been MIA...just one of those times in the grief process. So many people say that "time heals" ~ no it doesn't!  I think that time allows for a few more days of smiles and sunshine...perhaps a night that you fall asleep without the tears and wake up with a more positive outlook.  A time of happy memories and laughter or doing something to honor the person you lost.  A day that you want to slap someone when they say, "I figured you're over it by now."  :(   A day when your gratitude list is long and positive and you feel your prayers are heard.

It is a horrible group to be in and you don't wish it on anyone!  Unfortunately, sometimes the other members of the group are the only ones that truly understand. They recognize that your moods can change in an instant and you really, really don't want to be a Debbie Downer.

~ * ~

I just found a group of emails that were in the "Promotions" folder of my gmail account. Many were responses to posts here and I'm so embarrassed that I didn't know and haven't responded to you!  I do apologize ~  I guess I will have to check that folder and SPAM more often...there were a few in the SPAM folder too.

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In case you're not aware, I am so over this heat!  Of course you do remember when I complained about the icy cold temps last winter don't you?  :)  My favorite time of year is Fall and then Spring. We get a little breather here and hopefully, turn off the a/c for a few days as well as enjoy being outside!  One of my favorite things to do is to eat outside...or have coffee or a drink in the evenings and just relax. We have such a short window of time to do this so it's important to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself!

~ * ~

Do you have any recommendations for dry skin? I feel like I've tried most everything. I've always had dry skin, however, the past couple of months it has been horrid! I've used moisturizer, coconut oil, creamy Vaseline, argan oil, Vitamin C & E and really thinking of trying WD-40. :)  The oils are causing break outs so I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Would love for you to share suggestions! 

~ * ~

The new HomeGoods and Michael's had their grand openings yesterday. I didn't go ~ I don't enjoy crowds.  The parking lots were full. I have been to the new Kirkland's ~ very nice!  I had a gift card so I used it to buy a new lamp. Will try to get it photographed and share soon!  [ For those that are not aware, these new stores are within walking distance for me. :) ]


  1. Oh, Pat, you're such a sweetie! (((BIG hug))) Grief is not something we can totally control. It hits at times you'd never expect, and sometimes it lingers way longer than it should. That's okay. My parents never got over the loss of my young brother due to cancer. Especially my dad. He was his only son. But they learned how to function amidst their loss. And you will, too. One day you'll see your daughter again, and then you will never be apart again. Think on that day, dear one. Much love.

    1. Dern! I always forget something! Have you tried Ponds Cold Cream? It works really well for me and my sister. She being in Texas, that says a lot!

  2. Hi Pat,
    You just have to take it one day at a time and grief is so different for each of us. So you just have to let yourself feel what you have to and learn to live with that loss. That is the worse part of loss is going on in life with that big hole. I always have said time does not make the loss go away but it does have a way of making it more tolerable and I think with profound loss that is the best we can hope for.

    I have dry skin too and I went to a dermatologist and she told me the best lotion is Cerve and you can get it over the counter now. It use to be by prescription but now you can get it at Walmart or Target etc. It is pricey I think about $14 a bottle but it worked for me. I also use the face wash Cerve makes too.

  3. Hi Pat, Grief is different for us all and no one can tell you how or when to end. It is a slow individual process and
    you just have to allow yourself all the time it takes. I've buried so many of my family and even with the passing of time, I can feel that pain every now and then. We learn to cope and live with the loss but we are never over it, just in a better place.
    For dry skin, I have tried Aquaphor. It is an ointment style dry skin treatment and used at night it really helps over time. Find it anywhere in the lotion aisle. The Cerve that Kris talked about it good too.

    Sending hugs your way sweet friend.

  4. Everyone grieves in different ways. You have had a lot of stress in your life and sometimes, it just takes time.
    I love using lotions with shea butter. It seems to to add a lot of moisture without being greasy. xo

  5. I still add you to my prayers regularly. Sending you lots of hugs. I've never tried it, but I hear Aquaphor is great for dry skin. I think you can get it at any drugstore. And wow...those stores are within WALKING distance? That's dangerous! Well, maybe not since you could only buy what you could carry home. Lol!

  6. Hi, Gypsy Rose Lee....:)
    I've missed you..glad to see you back posting.
    I've used Jergens All Purpose Face Cream since I was 18. ....removes makeup and works as a night cream. I use Clinique makeup and they have some really good daily moisturizer. You might go in for a makeover and give their line a try.

  7. We are in this grief process together, my friend, and no, it's not a very nice club to be in.
    I don't have dry skin, so I don't have any good recommentions for you. I remember on one of the tv shows, they mentioned CeraVe as a good one. Have you tried it?
    Yes, I'm with you on so being over the heat! Get here Fall...soon!
    I have to check my spam box daily, as I get a lot of comments there.
    Take care, my friend!

  8. My heart would never heal either, I know it! We can all SAY things but until life throws a boulder the size of Mr. Everest in our own paths... we don't REALLY know how it feels! I pray that God will heal your heart dear Pat, only He can do that! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning!

  9. I just found your blog. I am so sorry that you are hurting. I'm saying a prayer for you.

  10. How are you doing now? About moisturizers I have great luck with plain old coconut oil. Have you tried that?

  11. Never mind... I see where you have...!!


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