Friday, October 16, 2015

~ Friday Five ~

* In my ongoing attempt to find a product to help this dry skin, I recently bought a nice sized sample of this serum at Target for $6.  So far, so good!  Although many stores/drug stores allow returns, having a sample size that lasts awhile works for me.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum Treatment

Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum speeds surface skin cell renewal, revealing millions of new skin cells each day for fresher, more youthful looking skin.
Instantly, skin feels smoother, softer.
In 1 month, skin feels firmer, appears visibly replumped, renewed and full of life.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum Treatment, 1.0 fl oz

~ * ~

And, another L'Oreal product from the Infallible line ~

The colors look a bit vivid online and in person, however, you can use the Iced Latte shown below as a hi-lighter just under the brow or as a base all over the lid. The intensity of the color is only determined by you. :)  There are several that could be used for a holiday look! My friend, Lisa, from Texas Decor shared other products from this line during the summer. The humidity here in Texas can cause any make-up product to just melt.  Not attractive!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow:
  • Intense, maximized color
  • Luxurious powder-cream texture
  • 24-hour long-lasting hold
  • Waterproof, crease resistant, fade resistant

~ * ~

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil

I've used this for years, especially during the winter months. Apply it in the shower while you're still wet and allow to dry naturally.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil, 6.8 fl oz

Make your skin feel silky and supple all year with Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil. It also contains Brazilian nut and almond oils for a natural glow. The gel absorbs quickly without a sticky, greasy residue. The moisturizing 6.8 fl oz cocoa butter oil makes you feel smooth, hydrated and healthy. 

~ * ~
I've mentioned before that I'm a "candleholic" ~  the Votivo brand is one of my favorites! The Tuscan Olive is so wonderful during the cooler weather. It isn't overpowering but scents a room nicely.


Reminiscent of a time long past, the faint aroma of earthen pots overflowing with basil, oregano, and bay tempered with the light filtered blanket of clear pressed olive oil from the backyard trees; Tuscany's bounty' courtesy of Mother Nature.
~ * ~
And I'm leaving you with something sweet!  :)  You know they say that a bit of dark chocolate daily is good for your health...try this!

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Chocolates, 4.12 oz

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Chocolates:
  • All natural
  • Dark chocolate with sea salt and roasted almonds
  • Perfect sharing and candy dishes
  • Perfect balance of rich ingredients and chocolate intensity
  • Moments of timeless pleasure
  • Kosher

I hope you have a wonder*filled weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I really do love those infallible products. :) I just tried the Ghirardelli dark chocolate, sea salt, and caramel, so now I need to try this one too! I also just bought the Hershey's dark chocolate covered know...because you're right about dark chocolate being good for you. ;) I've never heard of that body gel oil stuff from Vaseline! Sounds like a great product!

  2. Pat, Those all sound like nice things that any of us ladies would love to have...even the chocolate. LOL. Blessings for a fabulous weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. I am not a choc-a-holic (remember Reminginton Steel and that episode?? - but I do love all things Ghirardelli! Two years ago Summer and I had THE most decadent chocolate sundae there!!!! I always smile when I see anything 'Ghirardelli!!!!'

  4. I haven't tried any of those products, Pat, and I love getting your reviews of them. The Vaseline gel sounds like it would be wonderful for winter. I've been using Boots No. 7 serum, but I'm almost out. I need to look for the trial size L'Oreal serum at Target.
    Also, those Halloween veggies I remember from last year....they're so cute!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing--I'll have to try all of these goodies!


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