Thursday, October 1, 2015

~ Welcome October!! ~

My favorite month has finally arrived and look at our daily forecast!  :) 

So, so glad you're here!!

I had injections in my back yesterday morning. Kind of a miserable day after the meds wore off.  Love the knock out drugs though!  :)  Looking forward to being able to do more now and getting back to my walking. 

Do you get sick of your summer clothes?  Boy, do I ever!  I'm not a fan of summer attire anyway and I feel like it's washed to death. Putting another bag together to donate...feels so good to let go!

I'm doing laundry and want to get a hair cut today. I think having your hair done feels so wonderful!

Will leave you with a little Texas Halloween decor!  :)


  1. Hey Pat. Today is rainy and cool here with a nip of Fall in the air. Yippee. In GA, we never knew a real fall unless we went to the North Georgia Mountains. In TN, I look forward to a real FALL. We're getting there. Sorry about the back. I have a friend who often has injections and she's down for a day or so. Yuck. Hope you'll feel relief soon. I'd like to have a walking partner. May just have to strike out on my own. Yes, I love decluttering. It does make a girl feel lighter. I don't like excess.

  2. I am finally back around blogging and visiting again. It has been a long stretch. I have missed your posts and am glad you got the back injections (miserable as they are). So good to know that you get relief from them. Thinking about you- xo Diana

  3. Happy October!
    We have chilly, rainy weather to welcome my favorite month!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. We have some relief at last! It's still 91 here right now, but I am waiting for tomorrow night when the weather guy promises we might get down into the 50's.
    Hope you are feeling better and that you got a sassy new hairdo!
    xo, T.

  5. I am sitting here with the attic fan on tonight and the doors open! YES!!! I am looking forward to that magical moment when I say, "I believe I need a SWEATER!!"
    I treated myself to a mani/pedi this afternoon! That's the next best thing to a haircut!
    AHhhhhhhhh.....just felt a swirl of cool air waft in through the door. I am going to enjoy watering outside tonight!
    So happy you have those injections behind you! Now on to celebrating October!!!

  6. I think October is my favorite month, too! And I'm so over summer clothes...I'm not good with summer clothes, anyway. I'm way better at fall dressing. :) Just in case you didn't get my reply, my email is, and I would love to know how to change the setting to not be a no-reply blogger. Thanks, and hope you feel better!


  7. Feel better, dear.

    Always having to pack up and dig out clothes every season here...sort of fun, too. ;-)

    Jane x

  8. Rest and feel better my friend! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  9. Hi Pat, so hope your back feels better and you are on the road to recovery. Gotta love our cooler temps now.
    I'm so tired of summer clothes too and ready for cool weather attire. Take care and rest this weekend.
    Love the Texas pumpkin! Blessings, cm

  10. Hi Pat,
    Hope those injections will help with your back. That is miserable. We are into fall temps here in the midwest. Only 59 today but the sun is out. Heat actually kicked on last night. Summer is gone and fall is here.
    Enjoy today and have a great week end.

  11. Love that pumpkin! We're getting nice cool temps too and it feels so good!

  12. Hope your back is feeling better!!! I live with back pain so know what you mean. Fall hit us BAM, it was 82 on Wed. and today it is 49 right now!!!! Crazy!!!! I do get sick of summer attire, am happy to get my jeans, sweaters and boots out again:)

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon! Yay, this weekend, it's supposed to finally cool down past 100! This morning it felt really cool. I loved every minute of it! *hugs* Christine

  14. Sure hope your back will do better for you, Pat, after the injections.
    Yes, I get sick of summer clothes, but never tire of flip flops! In fact, I have a pair of jeans on with flip flops today. I'm loving our cooler temps, but it looks like we may get up to 90 again next week for a day.
    I love your Texas pumpkin!! Happy weekend!

  15. Hi Pat. :)

    I am over summer too. Thank goodness this one wasn't as hot as some but this cool weather is just awesome! I went to North Park shopping a little yesterday. Love some fall clothes!

  16. I'm sorry you've had so much back pain, Pat. Praying you'll be back to your active self soon.I love that pumpkin! Super cute! xo ~ Nancy

  17. What a cool pumpkin. wow, it's still warm there in Texas, and we've had some warm days here in California too. I feel Autumn coming though with the cool breezes in the morning. So sorry to hear about the discomfort in your back. I do hope you feel better soon. I hear ya about the summer clothes. I just bought a few Fall clothes today and it made me smile. : )


  18. Enjoy that warm weather while it lasts, Pat. We are cool and rainy here in NC and I feel like it's almost time to build an ark. Hoping that your back feels good now! XO, Christy


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