Friday, November 27, 2015

~ RAK Friday ~

Want to make a difference with a random act of kindness? This Friday, Nov 27, is your day!

Want to make a difference with a random act of kindness? Today, Friday, Nov 27, is your day!

One year ago, Travis Thomas from Florida, USA, had a brilliant idea: let's turn Black Friday into RAK Friday and commit as many random acts of kindness as possible. Good news! Hundreds of people joined, turning a simple idea into an annual tradition. We're doing it again, and we need your help.

The Goal: Collectively perform 2,015 random acts of kindness on Nov 27, 2015.

Join: Do an act of kindness on Friday, Nov 27 and post on social media using the hashtag #RAKFriday.

Get started with these 15 RAK ideas:
  1. Smile at 10 strangers.
  2. Surprise a retail cashier with a lottery ticket.
  3. Let someone in front of you in line.
  4. Return shopping carts for other people.
  5. Genuinely thank the store employees.
  6. Bring reusable bags.
  7. Add an item to your shopping cart for someone in need.
  8. Spread the word! Leave a RAK card on commonly visited areas like the: ATM machine, bathroom, employee break room, etc.
  9. High-five and spread cheer to people waiting in a long line.
  10. Leave a coupon and RAK card near the relevant product in the store.
  11. Hold the door open for someone with full hands.
  12. Place positive sticky notes around the store.
  13. Pass out candy canes to strangers.
  14. Place $5 in an envelope. Randomly hand it to someone and include a note inside that says, “Happy RAK Friday! Use this $5 for yourself or, pass it on as an act of kindness for someone else”
  15. Buy a cup of coffee for Salvation Army bell ringers.

Tag! You're It!

Next time you commit a random act of kindness, include a "Tag! You're It!" RAKTag card to encourage the recipient to pass it on.

I love doing RAOK's  all  the time!  Maybe this will make a crazy, frustrating, exhausting kind of day better for everyone.  I don't "participate" in the madness of the crowds, etc., but if you do, try this!  :)


  1. How refreshing! I do practice a lot of it---especially the smiling. The grouchier the person, the better I feel if I can get them to smile!

    Your seeds will be going on early next week...finally! :)

    Jane x

  2. Pat,
    I sincerely try to keep kindness in my heart and extend it to others. There is unmeasurable happiness as its reward. Nice post for today being Black Friday.

  3. So much better than Black Friday:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Hi Pat, this is so good and I try to do many of these most of the time. It just feels right to pass on kindness and in return the gift is such a blessing to the heart. Thank you for sharing and have a great rest of the weekend.

  5. Nothing feels better than doing something for someone else. My mama said you can always give a smile. When I smile, the whole world smiles back. Is that a song? Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I know that with it comes nostalgic moments which may bring a tear. Just think on the precious memories. I've had to remind myself of that this weekend.

  6. I wish I would have read these before Friday. I love the a cup of coffee for Salvation Army Bell ringers. I think that would make their day. : )



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