Thursday, November 5, 2015

~ Thursday Thoughts ~

I'm sure this won't be a popular post with many but it's the way I feel!  Stores begin the season in August or earlier along with Fall, Halloween, etc.  I love Thanksgiving and it just seems like it gets overlooked these days.

If you have a few minutes, take a look at one of my favorite blogs ~ Bliss At Home  She is so "real",  an incredible designer and decorator, a mom and absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Read her latest post ~ 


Tuesday when I was at The Heart Place for testing, a nurse and I discussed this. She said her sister built a home and designed it with so many wonderful things that all women would love!  The sister has her Christmas tree on rollers (hidden for decor purposes) and has a special closet for it. She just rolls it in or out ~ would that not be fantastic?  She also has a room for gift wrapping...paper, ribbon, you name it, it has a place.  I told the nurse I'd love to see this house! Then she and I discussed having our wrapping paper stored under the bed, tree has to be put together ~ you know the drill!  :)

I won't know the results from the tests until next week when I see the Dr.  I kinda think all is ok or they wouldn't have allowed me to come home. Of course, I'd think they would call too if the Dr found anything questionable when reading the results.

If you or any of your family members has an issue with cholesterol, you might like to read this.  I really dislike taking any drugs although I have taken statins in the past. The Drs have tried several, however, they adversely affect my legs and muscles. I cannot tell you the pain and difficulty trying to walk when that happens!  My concern is that no one really knows the long-term effects on your liver or any other organ.

Amazingly, well really not for Texas, we are under a tornado warning until 8:00 this evening. A little cold front coming through and hopefully, no severe storms and damage.

Hopefully, you are having a wonderful week!  Are you decorating for Christmas now?  :)  I really appreciate each of you ~ thanks always for stopping by!


  1. Hoping you get wonderful news with your tests. :) I'm sure they wouldn't let you go home if they had any concerns. We host Thanksgiving each year, so I keep the fall decor up until the day after...then it turns into a winter wonderland. :) We actually had an F-2 tornado not too far from here Halloween weekend. Yikes!

  2. Pat, I laughed about the santa poster..too funny. I have been on cholesterol meds a long time. wish I had never started...I think our bodies get use to meds helping and then it won't do the right thing. Good luck with your resuts. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. oh wonderful to have a tree closet.

  3. OK! That does it! I want a roll out Christmas tree! lol I think you are okay or they would not have let you come home. I am always of the opinion that no news is good

    I will go check that blog out...and I do agree- I like to celebrate one holiday at a time....and I LOVE Thanksgiving. xo Diana

  4. Pat, I chuckled when I saw the Santa picture. I am one who LOVES the Christmas season, so I get so excited, even in November. Oh my, a tornado warning. Do you know I've always wanted to visit Texas......maybe someday I'll get there. I do hope everything goes well with you, Pat.

    Happy November.


  5. Pat I realized I have not been getting notifications you have posted. I will re-enroll. I love everything Christmas after the Pumpkins are looking they are done for the season and after each and every precious russet and gold leaf has fallen from the trees. I just really adore Autumn and like to enjoy and appreciate it.
    Yikes a Tornado watch! Pat I hope all your tests are fine, I'll say a prayer, there is power in prayer for sure.
    Gotta say I would love a wrapping station in our house, but yeah that's gonna happen!

  6. No decorating here until after Thanksgiving:) It is the way I have ALWAYS done it! The weekend after Thanksgiving, the tree goes up! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. All I have been hearing and seeing is Christmas, I am enjoying the fall so much this year. I am focusing on Thanksgiving this year. Christmas is going to be quick and easy, simple I hope. I have to admit we did put the big lights on our large tree outside since it was such a beautiful day. Good luck on the test, I take pills for my cholesterol (ours is a heredity concern).

  8. Good morning Pat. :)

    I read this last night while I was sitting at DFW Airport in a huge downpour. My sweet husband was rerouted to Lubbock so I had a gourmet meal at McDonald's and waited for him. Anyway, I was happy to know that I'm not alone in my November feelings. I love the graphic!!

    Keep us posted about your dr. visit. I don't blame you for disliking medications. They are a wonderful thing but on the other hand there's always an unforeseen side effect that's not good.

  9. I do hope you were safe last night, Pat! Tornadoes are so scary. I'm keeping very positive thoughts for you about the test results and keeping you in my daily prayers. I would not take statins if I were you for the exact reasons you listed. Personally, I don't think the medical field even knows much of anything when it comes to cholesterol, so they just want to have you pop a pill.

    Oh, I'm afraid I'm one of those who "jumps the gun" on Christmas, especially this year. I've been "slowly" gathering up the Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving decor to stow away, knowing that it will take me a long time to do any Christmas decorating. We are going out this year for Thanksgiving and not expecting any company, so I gave Christmas the nod to start the twinkling and sparkling in our home, but I absolutely respect your feelings and think you should do whatever you are comfortable with.

    Thinking about you, Sweet Lady, & hope you have a nice weekend.

  10. I hope you have good results on your tests. My husband recently had a TIA and had a small stroke about fourteen years ago. He is sixty-six now. He was put on a 20 mg dose of Lipitor. He expressed his strong concerns about side effects and our primary care physician told him to take 200 mg of CoQ10 everyday. She explained that the Lipitor is to help keep the vessels flexible. Apparently it's not all about the cholesterol numbers any more. I do hope you can bypass the meds. Take care, sweetie and keep us all posted.


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