Tuesday, November 17, 2015

~ Tuesday Thoughts ~

We had quite a storm move through this area around 3:30 this morning. Lots of trees uprooted, fences blown down, roofs damaged and a couple of 18 wheelers overturned. Sirens, wind and rain kept me awake for awhile. We're very fortunate that there was no damage here. Now we have bright sunshine and cooler temps!  You just never know what you'll get weather wise in Texas ~ :)

An overturned semi on southbound I-45 spurred traffic

~ * ~

There is so much strife going on in the world right now...so very sad. Many threats against the U.S., and Washington, D.C. appears to be a target now. I'll never be able to wrap my head around killing innocent people...just horrid! Don't you wish we could sprinkle glitter, sparkly bits and LOVE all over the world?

I suggest paying it forward...performing RAOK's, keeping the prayers going and focusing on the positive!

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My daughter and I were able to see Brandye for a bit on Sunday. We talked to her and hoping that, on some level, she heard us. I'd like to thank each one of you that left comments, good thoughts and prayers for her. I've had problems with my email the past few days and haven't been able to personally thank all of you!

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Thought I'd share a couple of things I found at Michaels

Everyone's mad for plaid right now ~ how about chargers for your holiday table?

I thought the Reindeer charger was interesting and adds a masculine touch. The background is like burlap ~

I really need to get off the computer and get busy!  :)  Hope you're having a wonder*filled day!


  1. Pat, Some times I wonder , what has happened to our world....it sure is not the same from when I was a kid. I always pray for our leaders to do the right thing. We all need God. I am praying for Brandye. I wish I could do more. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. scary about those storms. Today the weatherman here in Indy said we have had tornadoes in every month of the years so they can happen at any time.

  2. Hi, glad to meet you! I stumbled across your interesting blog. I guess I didn't realize the weather could be so varied in Texas. No snow here yet............in Wi. yes, it is unbelievable how horrid some people are and hard to understand what the world is coming to...but the Bible predicts it.

  3. That is crazy weather, Pat! We will be snowed in here before too long. Those winds can be just wicked, too.
    It is hard to believe all the horror that is going on in the world right now. xo Diana
    ps- Still praying for Brandye and the chargers are really cute. xo Diana

  4. I love the plaid plates!
    Prayers for Brandye......

  5. Love the plaid chargers:) I pray that the World will find Peace! SO much SADNESS all around! HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way for good Weather and Prayers continue for Brandye!

  6. I'm glad you could visit Brandye, Pat, and prayers are still with her. Love all the plaid! RAOK is a way for all of us to add some joy to this world. May you have a happy day. xo

  7. Wow, there's a lot of rain in your area, Pat! These chargers at Michaels are so cute. I have been wanting to go to Michaels lately because they have so much cool stuff, especially for the holidays. I am totally a plaid girl and have been seeing it around a lot lately. Yes, there is so much going on right now, I do feel like sprinkling love all over the world. What a lovely thought, Pat.

    Have a blessed week.


  8. You know that I'm continuing to pray for Brandye--and of course our broken world. I think you know that my husband is active duty military (and has been for 23 years now); he was feeling so down this week because he's always gone to war in the hope that our children won't have to, and now he fears that it's inevitable. I pray wisdom and discernment for our leaders!


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