Tuesday, December 8, 2015

~ The Hug Lady ~

This amazing lady has gone above and beyond to honor our troops!  It's really a wonderful gesture that Jeffrey Wolf and many others want to honor her now. Ft. Hood is here in Central Texas and a huge base. We used to be able to meet the troops at DFW, however, they changed the routing and now most connect via Atlanta. It's one of the most heartwarming experiences ever!  If you should have the opportunity, by all means please participate. They are almost overwhelmed by the support!  I've been a volunteer with Soldier's Angels since I retired in 2003 and you feel like you can't do enough to support these young people (predominantly) that are living in a sand box, 120+ temps in the summer, not enough to eat, their supplies are lacking and our government is NOT doing enough!  Sorry, that's how I feel and what I've seen. They are so appreciative of a card, letter, CARE package, socks, blankets ~ it gets extremely cold in the mountains during the winter. Can you imagine not being able to shop for the bare necessities...especially the products that females require?  If you ever feel like you'd like to help support them, there are a jillion and one ways to do so!  Just check out the Soldiers Angels website

Remember, they put themselves in harm's way daily to protect us...

Now...to the original subject matter ~ The Hug Lady!

To the almost 500,000 troops who have met Elizabeth Laird, she is known as the Hug Lady. Since the start of the Iraq war in 2003, Elizabeth has wanted to be sure our troops going off to war knew someone cared for them and was praying for their  safe return. She has diligently shown up for almost every flight in and out of Fort Hood to the Middle East. Elizabeth has been doing this for 12 years, and hugged an estimated half a million troops.
I learned about Elizabeth Laird when I came across a fundraiser for her on Facebook. This remarkable woman hasn’t just been there for our troops, she has been battling cancer the past 10 years. Despite being a tough fighter, the cancer is starting to wear Elizabeth down. She was recently in the hospital for 5 days, and has been told she can no longer live alone.
I started this petition to help commemorate Elizabeth Laird’s dedication to our troops. I’m calling on the Department of Defense to name the Fort Hood Deployment center the Elizabeth Laird Deployment Center. It would be a small gesture, but would go a long way toward celebrating this great woman, who represents so much of what makes our country great.
Elizabeth will soon be celebrating her 84th birthday, and I can’t think of a better gift for her. With the love and support Elizabeth has given to the troops passing through the Fort Hood Deployment Center over the years, the least they could do is honor her by renaming the facility. It will help ensure that the great spirit of Elizabeth will be remembered for many years after her last day on earth has come and gone.
Let’s all pull together and make this happen! Please sign and be sure to share this petition with everyone you know. Thanks so much!
Petition by Jeffrey Wolf
Hanover, Pennsylvania


  1. She is what I call an Earth Angel.....and thank you for letting us know about her sweetness.

  2. i went over to sign but when it asked for my street address, it made me uncomfortable...i am a sissy when it comes to putting my address online.

  3. What a wonderful lady and SO worthy of the tribute! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I love this story, it is perfect anytime of the year, but especially during Christmas!
    She is one wonderful woman!
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  5. God blessings on the HUG lady! My eyes are filled with tears. What an amazing story. I do hope you will be feeling better soon too Pat.
    May all the joys of the season be yours.

  6. Such a touching post on the Hug Lady Pat. I went over and signed the petition and put it up on my facebook page. What a wonderful honor this would be for her and a great birthday gift for sure. Thank you for bringing this real life angel to us to support.

  7. Awww God bless the Hug Lady! Thanks for making us aware of her, Pat.
    Hope you're feeling much better. xo

  8. What a great gesture of you to remember someeone who has given so much. You're a giver too. How precious. Everyone needs a hug but especially those who are sacrificing so much.

  9. Oh my Pat I love this hug lady and I love you,

  10. What a wonderful woman this is, Pat. Wow, hugged an estimated half a million troops. I'm a hugger, so I can relate. :) She really is something special.



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