Monday, December 21, 2015

~ Update on Brandye ~

I am so grateful to share the good news with you!  Brandye has been moved to a nearby rehab center and is doing beautifully!!  My daughter and I went to visit her yesterday ~ just so exciting.  I've always known that God can do what Drs can't and she is a perfect example of His grace and healing. All of your prayers were heard!  In our hearts, we know they are but when you see a true miracle it's almost overwhelming joy.

The trach was removed prior to her leaving the hospital of course. She's eating, talking, laughing and working hard on therapy. As her hair grows more, the scars from the surgeries won't be visible. She still has some paralysis on the right side, however, it is diminishing almost daily. Her long term memory is perfect...a bit of difficulty with short term.  I really don't know many people that have perfect short term memory! :)  I used to be so good at remembering people's names when introduced, now not so much. I can walk in a room and then wonder why and what was I going to do. :)

At times she might have a bit of difficulty with a word, however, she backs up and is able to express it. She is in super joyful spirits and has such a determination to heal and move forward. At times the physical therapist will want to cut the exercise short...Brandye says a firm "No!"  If it's supposed to be 20 minutes then no one is going to cut it to 5. :)

In case you're not aware, she battled breast cancer, 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation since Dec, 2014.  She's definitely a fighter and that bodes well with this experience. We don't know what God has in store for her but obviously, there's work for her to do. All the Dr's said it would probably be 2 years for her to improve and be where she is now. They are wonderful in their field, however, God is the great Healer!

I cannot thank you enough for all your prayers, good thoughts and encouragement for her!!  I'm a firm believer in that there is great power in collective prayer. I would ask that you continue, if possible, for her complete healing.

Most of you probably know about Diana's husband, John, and his diagnosis of cancer.   Nana Diana Takes A Break Blog   He is doing better but needs all our prayers and support for this challenge.  Of course, please remember her and the entire family also.  She does so much for others and this is our chance to do for them.

Thank you a million times over!


  1. Pat, I am so glad to read the good news on Brandye. I ask that God will stay by her side. Yes, Diana and her family needs our prayers also. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. xoxo,Susie

  2. It's always good to hear a praise report! It is often times when we run out of options that we learn the He is all sufficient! Praying for her total healing and also for John. Merry Christmas Pat!

  3. Awesome news! Sounds like God's got plans for her!

  4. Pat, that's such wonderful news!

  5. Pat what a wonderful Christmas gift to be able to go and see Brandye and see God's healing with her. God is not ready for her to come home and has bigger plans for her here. So happy to hear this news. Glad this will help to bring some joy to you for Christmas this year. Prayers are still going out to John too. He is doing amazing but he has a long journey ahead still. The power of prayer is so beautiful. Merry Christmas Pat.

  6. Such great news. Healing thoughts and prays do work! She has come a long way and will continue to heal. xo

  7. Hi Pat, wow this is great news and thank God for his healing. Prayers have truly been answered. She is doing so good and come such a long way. Her attitude is giving her the will to continue and fight to full recovery!!
    We continue to keep her in our prayers as well as Diana and her Hero!!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas my friend. Much Love, xo

  8. What great news and thank you for the update!! I loved hearing the progress that Brandye has made. Prayers will certainly continue, Pat.
    Merry Christmas blessings to you! xo

  9. So nice to hear your good news

    Merry Christmas to you and your family also God's blessing

  10. What wonderful Christmas news, Pat! She's quite a fighter--thanks so much for keeping us up to date. XOXO, Christy

  11. So glad to hear this good news about Brandye. Yes, I have been praying for Diana's husband. She has been a friend of mine since I started blogging. Love her to pieces.



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