Monday, January 18, 2016

~ Texas - Europe Size Comparison ~

People that don't live in Texas don't know how big it is.  :)

- Driving from East to West on I-10 is about 879 miles. This drive, at normal   speeds will take 13 hours and 30 minutes.

- Driving from North to South is about the same mileage and time.

- It covers 268,820 Square Miles

- Dallas to Houston is nearly the same distance as Paris to London

- 7.4 percent of the entire surface area of the United States

- Brewster county in Texas is 6,208 square miles making it larger than the     states of Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island

- DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth) airport is the size of Manhattan

- If Texas were a separate country, it would have the 12th largest GDP in the   world ahead of Mexico, South Korea and Australia

- Texas is almost half the size of the Planet Pluto

- Although six flags have flown over Texas, there have been eight changes of government: 
Spanish 1519-1685 
French 1685-1690 
Spanish 1690-1821 
Mexican 1821-1836 
Republic of Texas 1836-1845 
United States 1845-1861 
Confederate States 1861-1865 
United States 1865-present

- The state was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845 (Due to this status, we are the only State that can secede from the Union.)

- The state's cattle population is estimated to be near 16 million


  1. We used to live in Dallas in the early 80's and I never made it too very many places around the State. Too much to fo there and so far! I would love to go back for a visit sometime. P.S. I checked to see if I am following you and I am now!

  2.'s so huge! We were just talking about how long it takes to get from Houston to Dallas. Crazy! They keep talking about building a fast moving train that will go from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes. That would be so nice!!!

  3. I love Texas so much. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!! That fast moving train that Lisa is talking about could take a path right across our land....don't like that thought at all. ;)

  4. Fun facts Pat, I love visiting Texas and knew it was a huge state, this post is so interesting and educational.

  5. I have only been to Texas once! I flew into Dallas and stayed for a few days! I enjoyed seeing this comparison and would love to see it's beauty some day! HUGS!

  6. Thanks for showing the comparison of Texas to parts of Europe, Pat. It was fun to read all the facts that you shared, too. I haven't seen near enough of this great state, but I'd love to.
    Enjoy your week, my friend. xo

  7. Sorry kids but my very favorite state is MT. We've lived in AZ, OK, KY, MT, CA, CO, OH, HI phew think that's all. I was born in OH, hubs in OK and we've lived in other states together since we married 47 yrs. ago. Phew no wonder I'm tired after moving a family of 6 all over this country when kids younger.
    Have been to every state in US and some Canadian places, Been to Mexico. Hubs was stationed in Hawaii before he met me. Have to admit from what I've seen of Tx on HGTV would love to get to see more of Tx. The one time we were there it didn't show me zip but the circumstances not so hot. WE lived in MT for 7 yrs. had 20 acres off Canyon Ferry Lake, talk about big sky country, after living in San Diego for 21 yrs. was quite an eye opener. I'd go back in heart beat if we could have what we had then. Guess we're stuck in CO, few miles west of Grand Junction. Please excuse me for raining on TX parade. Happy daze

  8. What a comparison. Sharing facts about you believed state is interesting. The world is so big. We are always learning, which is a good thing! I think I have only traveled through Texas when I was younger. xo

  9. I'd love a train from here to Dallas, I truly would. I'm good in the car for about 3 hours and that's my limit. So that stops me from driving to places here that I would love to visit. hey, at least I'm close to Round Top! ;)
    Thanks for all the stats about our home state!


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