Saturday, February 6, 2016

~ Not Quite A Silent Sunday ~

I believe everyone knows about my fondness and support for our military. 

I'd love for you to view this video by Justin Flom ~

He explains very succinctly about a deck of cards, their meaning and prayer.

Just click  here


  1. Sending Monday HUGS your way! I have been out of town and trying to get caught up! I will go watch the video:) Have a blessed week ahead!

  2. Pat I will never look at a deck of cards again without thinking about this video. Thank you for sharing, it has enriched my life today.

  3. Thanks, Pat. You know I appreciate your prayers and support for my husband and family. :)

  4. Hi Pat, I loved this when I saw it on your Facebook page. Thanks so much for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by and your sweet comment. Blessings to you for a nice Valentine's weekend. xo


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