Wednesday, April 20, 2016

~ The Enchanting Rose's 8th Teacup Exchange ~

 Stephanie, from The Enchanting Rose recently hosted the eighth teacup/mug exchange. This is the second time I've participated and I love doing so! This time there were 167 ladies that participated and they were from all over the world.  I am amazed that Stephanie doesn't just pull all of her hair out organizing the exchange!  :) We send to one person and receive from another so this offers a glimpse of the immense talent she has to coordinate this event. Thanks a million, Stephanie!

My beautiful and creative gift was from Wendy of  September Violets  She lives near Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. I highly recommend that you visit her blog and see how amazingly talented and creative she is. You will be so interested when you see the lovely gifts she sent my way! The photos of areas in Canada are stunning as well.

My photography is not that good, as usual. This photo shows a portion of the incredible gifts. 

A close up of the darling card she made! Please note the red & white polka dots she made the moose from as well as added touches on other items.

A beautiful maple leaf!

Lovely gift tags

My beautiful mug, delicious coffee and the mug rug she made!

The darling moose, the aspen trees, greenery and, of course, the red and white polka dots!

A package of maple leaf candies.

This is the "real" thing...and may I say, delicious?

The container of "real" maple syrup was in the container with the red * white polka dot fabric.

 There's nothing like the honest-to-goodness real maple syrup!  Needless to say, I have not shared it. :)

I'm sure you'll agree that Wendy went above and beyond in pampering me. I was like a little child at Christmas when I opened the package. I am so grateful to her and to Stephanie for introducing us.

My gift went to Ida of Wishes, Dreams and Other Things. I didn't even think to photograph the items sent to her. :/

Give some thought to joining the next exchange ~ you'll be so happy you did!


  1. Hi Pat, what a beautiful mug and goodies you received. I love the moose design and the creative treasures Wendy sent to you. She surly is a talent. Oh the maple syrup comes in such a darling pitcher too. I'm sure Ida was thrilled with your gift to her as well.
    This has been so much fun and Stephanie always makes it special with her hosting and hours of work to bring it all together. Enjoy the day and stay dry.
    Blessings, xo

  2. Very sweet gifts Pat. What a charming idea to have a tea cup exchange. Everyone loves receiving gifts in the mail. xo

  3. Oh my, Pat, what wonderful gifts you received from Wendy! The mug rug is so colorful and will be a sweet reminder of gifts from your new Canadian friend. I'll bet the maple syrup and maple candies are indeed delicious treats. Yes, our friend Stephanie is magical in her organizational skills and thoughtfulness in blessing us with this special exchange of giving and receiving. Enjoy your goodies! xo

  4. What a wonderful gift! Those maple candies look delish! My youngest had a teacher from Canada once and I bought a maple leaf cookie cutter to make her some cookies on Canadian Thanksgiving. So fun!

  5. Looks like you got some great stuff Pat. I wanted to say Thank You again for the lovely package you sent. Those Brookside Chocolates are so yummy! I know what you mean about almost not wanting to share. The Tea is of course a favorite of mine and I loved the wonderful Polka Dot mug and the Pretty Candle holder. I love to burn candles. - It has been a pleasure getting acquainted with you and I hope we continue to do so. God Bless.

  6. I must say Pat, I feel a little bashful coming over here and reading all these fine words you said about me. I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. I hope you're having a good day today and having a look around others blogs to see all the pretties these lovely ladies have sent back and forth. Sending you a friendly ((hug)),
    Wendy xox

  7. What fun that was to exchange cups! I can't even imagine how the organizer did that!!! I went over to check out the one you sent! Everyone comes up a winner in this kind of party!!

  8. Wendy said she had sent you items with a Canadian theme and I recognized the colours of Hudson Bay blankets on your mug. A nice parcel of gifts, I've received handmade crafts from her myself for a Canadian card exchange we belong to.

  9. My goodness, that was a wonderful package full of goodies:) LOVE it all! Have a sweet day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Hello Pat~My goodness, what a lovely treasure trove of gifts Wendy has sent your way, and all the way from Canada no less with a delightful theme! That moose theme is just darling with all it's detail. My husband and I stock up on maple syrup when we go the Canada and visit with his family. There is nothing like the real thing!
    I noticed the mug being a Hudson Bay item right away, so Canadian.
    Enjoy your treasures~~

  11. Pat, Stephanie's been asking me to join in the tea cup exchange for awhile now, bless her heart, and someday I'm going to have to participate. I do love looking at all the different tea cups that are shared in the exchange. You received some nice items as well. The Mocaccino sounds Yummy.

    What a fun event, and Stephanie always graces it with her goodness.


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    2. I just saw your gift to Wishes Dreams and Other Things. Love it! And I'm a polka dot girl too! hehehe ~Sheri

  12. Oh Pat, what an incredible gift from Wendy! Everything is lovely and the handmade items are just precious. I love hoe she included maple items {{smiles}} My dad is Canadian and I spent 8 glorious years living in Ontario so seeing the maple syrup brought back sweet memories.

    Enjoy, sweet friend! And thank you for participating in the exchange. As for me pulling out my have seen a recent photo of me now have you {{wink wink}} I consider it a joy and privilege to host this beautiful event. Love and hugs!

  13. Oh yum, yum and more yum to the maple treats! What a wonderful treat! I look forward to visiting Ida to see what you sent her.
    Lovely to have to met you here, have a great weekend!

  14. What an wonderful package. I love the Canadiana theme! I've also received some of Wendy's handiwork and agree that she is a very talented!


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