Monday, June 20, 2016

~ Bucket List Meme ~

A friend of mine did this so thought I would too.  :) I didn't create the list...could have added a few more but I won't tell everything in one post. Please feel free to join in if you'd like!

Bucket List Meme

Been Married 💗
Been divorced  💗
Fell in love 💗
Gone on a blind date 💗  
Skipped school  💗
Watched someone give birth 💗 
Watched someone die 💗
Been to Canada 💗
Ridden in an ambulance 
Been to Hawaii 💗
Been to Europe 💗 
Been to Las Vegas 💗
Been to Washington D.C  💗
Been to Nashville 💗
Visited Florida 💗
Visited Mexico💗 
Seen the Grand Canyon in person 💗
Flown in a helicopter 💗
Been on a cruise 
Served on a jury 💗
Been in a movie 
Danced in the rain 💗
Been to Los Angeles  💗
Been to New York City 💗
Played in a band 💗
Sang karaoke 💗
Laughed so much you cried 💗
Laughed so hard you pee’d  
Caught a snowflake on your tongue 💗
Had children 💗
Had a pet(s)💗
Been sledding on big hill
Been downhill skiing 
Been water skiing 💗
Ridden on a motorcycle 💗
Traveled to all 50 states
Jumped out of a plane 
Been to a drive-in movie 💗
Ridden an elephant 💗
Ridden a Horse 💗
Been on TV 
Been in the newspaper 💗
Stayed in the Hospital 💗
Donated blood 💗
Gotten a piercing 💗 ears!
Gotten a tattoo 
Driven a stick shift vehicle   💗 
Been scuba diving 
Lived on your own 💗
Rode in the back of a police car  
Got a speeding ticket: Have never had a ticket
Broken a bone 💗
Gotten stitches 💗
Traveled Alone 💗


  1. I've done quite a few of those, too, Pat. Thank goodness we've never been in a police car!!

  2. I guess we all have a Bucket List *things we want to do before we kick the bucket:
    The No. 1 on Mr. Sweet's Bucket List was to see Alaska...we got to do that on our 50th wedding anniversary...he was happy. No. 1 is a short visit to Ireland...
    I don't have too many more on the list...I'd love to see all my grands get married...actually that would be my #1...Ireland, #2....I'd have to think on what else I'd really like to do before I die....


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