Saturday, August 20, 2016

~ Saturday Stuff ~

Yes, this is what's on my mind!  We've had temps in the 80's all week with a bit of rain. Of course, the humidity is yucky but still, it's better than those triple digits we had!  I know that we'll have the heat return before things settle in for fall but I'm certainly excited for September and then October, my favorite!, to arrive. I always feel energized when the temps are cooler. I look forward to crisp, early mornings to walk comfortably, jeans and funky socks, the smells of fragrant candles, cinnamon, apples and baking pumpkin everything! I'm checking out what little fall decor I have left after moving and donating so much. Since I'm in a smaller space, it doesn't take much to add a touch of fall.

~ * ~

Are these not perfect for Thanksgiving?  Of course, one could use them anytime. 

Yes, they have it all ~ including dish towels!  Take a look!

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I think you know I'm a sucker for nail polish, lip color, eye shadow, etc.  I saw this OPI collection yesterday while I was out and about. There are some beautiful, yet unusual, colors in this group. Seems that shades of green are "in" this year...take a look!

A suggestion ~  take a look at this website for color comparisons and great info!

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Is this not gorgeous?  I don't know the owner of the shop, Free My Gypsy Soul, but I'm in love with this throw!  I so wish I could knit ~

Thanks to each of you for stopping by!  I so appreciate all the kind words, good thoughts and prayers. I'm doing better since the injections, however, I do have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon next Wednesday. I really want to find out what other options I might have for  long term relief.

Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. We are one in the same!!!
    I adore these upcoming months too...
    Just the coziness of it all!
    Have a lovely Saturday!

  2. Love all your Saturday stuff!!! Fabulous. Love those thankful plates. I love OPI too they make the best nail polish. Holds up well. Happy Week End.

  3. Hi Pat, I love the dish collection. I would love that logan green polish...that is one of my all time favorite colors....well in clothing...I only have about 3 pieces that color. I sure hope you can find something for your back know besides pills...they just make people need more pills usually. My sister had very bad osteo ...she just got a shot in her spine for her back. But she does not listen to her dr or use good in exercising or over walking. I fear one day of her having a truly bad fall or be in an accident and be broken so badly she will never be able to walk. Yes, do get a second opinion's important. Prayers and hugs for you dear friend. xoxo, Susie

  4. The Thankfull dishes and accessories are fun! I'd love to have some of those pieces to mix and match with. ;)

    I always admire the deep nail polish colors on others but I can't wear them. It just doesn't feel right on me.

  5. I pray you will be better soon. I am glad the injections are helping. I love fall but not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. Love those dishes!!! Hugs, LJ

  6. I love those Thankful plates, Pat-thanks for posting those! Praying your doctor is able to find a way to help you feel better!

  7. Those plates are perfect for Thanksgiving, and for every day too. So cute. Doesn't that throw look comfy? I am thinking Fall myself, Pat. What a lovely post.


  8. I'm still enjoying the heat of summer, but as the rain falls today, I think fall is not too far away (we even had some leaves changing colour further north!). Wonderful "thankful" settings. That throw does look awfully cozy :)

  9. I remember when I first moved here, almost thirty years ago, finally feeling that I was energized in November! The summer months here, are not my favorite! The thankful dishes are so pretty, Pat. Yes, that throw is pretty. I made one like that years upon years ago. It's so quick to make because you use these giant knitting needles. Thanks for reminding me of it, because they're quick. I could make them for the group I belong to, where we donate to the Samaritan Inn. Happy Sunday to you, my friend. I'm glad you're feeling better. Let us know what the neurosurgeon says. xo

  10. Hi Pat!
    I love all the fall colors in the OPI collection. I'm so ready! We had torrential rain all week and more headed this way- it's pretty swampy out there. Ugh. I love the blue throw, too. I wish I could knit one.
    Hope you're well, sweet lady!
    xo, T.

  11. I too am energized by the cooler temps. The Fall makes for new beginnings in a sense for me. I start to want to move more and walk. I'm looking forward to walking the walking trail at the park. So ready for the humidity to leave! I heard today that the temps are going to in the high 50's here at night and the upper 60's in the day next week. I'm so excited to have a cup of coffee on a cool morning on my new deck. I think I'll buy a new coffee mug.


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