Thursday, September 22, 2016

~ Thursday Thoughts ~

I realize it's late in the day but it's still Thursday!  :)  I've had such miserable allergy problems along with migraines, scratchy throat, coughing, can't sleep, you name it!  I did want to share a "touch" of fall ~ I haven't accomplished much.

 Wreath on my front door

Just another view...very similar.  Wanted to be sure you saw the glitter! :)

My neighbor has been going to local Farmers Markets and shared some goodies with me. I kinda think there's not anything much better than a fresh tomato sandwich!  :)  Just a bit of mayo, salt and lots of black pepper. Yum!  I was too quick ~ forgot to photograph the tomatoes...they were beautiful!

Are you familiar with Edie and her blog Life In Grace ?
If not, you're really missing out!  She is a Christian; awesome mom, cook, writer and many more adjectives. Her home will make you drool all over your computer!  I love her use of color and unexpected decor. A few years ago, their "perfect" home burned to the ground and they have rebuilt. Her older daughters saved the littles ~ a true miracle!  They lost everything, can you imagine that happening to you?  Edie had all the Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped ~ all gone. Her sister went out and bought all the same items and wrapped them so the kids would have Christmas, especially after all they had been through. Anyway, her book, "All The Pretty Things" ~ The Story of a Southern Girl Who Went through Fire to Find Her Way Home was published on Wednesday and is available on Amazon and other book sellers. I pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as I knew when it would be published.  Since I'm not feeling 100%, I am deeply involved in reading!  :)  I hope that you will check out her blog as well as the book. 

We're having a continuation of summer, perhaps Texas' second season!  The heat and humidity have been just awful...high 90's daily and one day the heat index was 107*. Not my cup of tea!  Cooler temps are predicted for next week but I guess we shall see.

Thanks so much for your visit!  


  1. That wreath is just gorgeous!!! You don't need much else when you have something that pretty! I ate beans and cornbread for dinner tonight but now all I want is a tomato and mayo sandwich on white bread!
    Cooler temps and some rain would help with our allergies! I am getting better every day but I'm still not over them/
    I will go check out the blog you recommended! Thanks!
    Feel better soon!!!

  2. That wreath is so charming ♥

  3. I do like your Fall wreath ...

    Feel better soon, sending get well wishes to you

    All the best Jan

  4. Hello Pat,
    LOL about the Fall in Texas saying!!!! We have two seasons here in Chicago winter and construction lol!
    I am looking for a new read so thanks for the book selection. I am always amazed at what hardships people can go through and come out better. Faith can get us through so much. I will head over and check out her blog.
    Have a good week end.

  5. Hi Pat, Your wreath is gorgeous. I love it and the glitter makes it perfect. Thank you for sharing the book from this talented blogger. I will visit there next. Love these inspirational reads from those who have seen great hardships and came through with the grace of God.
    I sure hope you feel better soon. I know the allergy count is so high here right now. I was doing great till a migraine hit this afternoon and I know it's due to allergies.
    I hope we get the rain predicted this weekend. Have a nice weekend and feel better.
    Happy Fall!!Hugs

  6. Hi Pat,
    I love a good tomato sandwich! Your wreath looks beautiful- I haven't put one up yet with all the rain we're having. And yes, we too are suffering from allergies this year. The poor pups are more miserable than we are.
    Hope you get some relief soon and that a cool breeze blows in with this anticipated cool front. I'll believe it when I see it. ;)
    xoxo, T.

  7. Fresh tomato sandwich and gorgeous wreath....Ahhh, little things in life like that make me soooooo happy. Happy weekend lovely lady!!

  8. Pat, I was just thinking the other day about tomato sandwiches, do people still have these any more....then, I saw this!! Your tomato sandwich sounds Yummy. It would especially taste wonderful with homegrown tomatoes. Your door wreath is so pretty. Very simple with all the Fall colors. It sounds like you are getting into the Autumn season. :)


  9. Summer - Part 2. I love it!!! It seems like everyone I know is experiencing allergies right now. Your wreath is lovely! I only have one lone pumpkin out right now. I need to get going on fall decor, but it's just so hot still. We are a tad cooler this morning, so hopefully we're entering true fall weather soon.

  10. Your wreath looks so festive on your front door, Pat. I'll have to check out Edie's book. It's sounds very inspirational for sure.
    Hope you're feeling better, my friend. I'm thankful for the cooler temperatures. It's not so painful to be outside now! Whew!


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