Thursday, November 3, 2016

~ This 'N That ~

Can you believe we're already in the month of November?  October is a favorite month for me as I love fall so much, however, the heat we've had didn't make a perfect month.

November has quite a few important dates, beginning this Sunday when the time changes again and we fall back!  Tuesday will hopefully be the end of all this election stuff. I think our country has reached an all time low in the candidates and their behavior for months on end. I don't understand how one thinks spouting such venom and many lies will enhance their chances to win. IMHO, we need a clean slate...clear the Supreme Court and every politician and all the cohorts they have. Start over with men and women that honestly care about the people and making the U.S. strong again. Have term limits and they must abide by the same rules they set forth for us...same health care, social security, retirement, salaries and pay increases that reflect their performance. Drug tests for anyone on welfare, monitor the food stamps and NO freebies for illegals!  Prohibit the refugees from entering the U.S. as we will have to pay for them too. Ok, I'll stop now...I really didn't mean to spew all this here. I'm just so very tired of all the ugliness.

Please don't forget to honor our Veterans on the 11th!  And let's slow down with all the Christmas decor, shopping, etc. and enjoy Thanksgiving!  :)

I continue to think about Lauren's (Simply LKJ) post here on her blog. Ron at The Uptown Acorn shared his thoughts about the same post too. I see so many bloggers that appear to focus on "things" whatever for the house, $1,000 handbag, $400 boots, constant additions to a wardrobe, trips from A-Z, you name it!  Of course, it is the person's choice to do whatever with their blog ~ I'm fully aware of this fact. I am older and I feel that time well spent with the little ones...the bigger ones...a spouse or S/O...parents and friends is so much more meaningful than painting the 24th piece of furniture, fretting over how many photos can be edited for X number of posts or where to place a pillow!  What will matter most to your children? I would say time!  I never had that as a mother was constantly busy "doing"; cleaning, wiping, polishing, cooking, washing and polishing some more. She never stopped until she went to bed at night. She cared for us in every way; physically, spotless house, incredible food but nothing emotional. All I wanted was for her to sit down for a few minutes and just talk...and just listen. Never happened!  Unfortunately, she passed away in 2003 still not knowing what my job was all about. She didn't listen so I didn't talk. Very sad ~

This comment will not be well received either but I'd much rather read a blog post about real life happenings vs recommendations for a $2500 roll of wallpaper, $300 earrings, $120 candles and so on and so on. IF I had unlimited funds I still wouldn't spend it like that. Tell me about how you updated your bedroom, what is in your garden, the party you just hosted, the best dessert ever, your new haircut, what you found at the Dollar Tree or Goodwill, your favorite soup and a movie you would recommend. I'm tired of Nordstrom's sales, shiplap, farmhouse everything, "texture", Chip & Joanna (I do love them but not a constant admiration society of all they do, say, etc.) the way I should display pillows on the sofa and the latest color trends that I just have to follow!  Yes, I'm certainly a bit of a rebel! Lol!

I so hope you will return!  In light of my "sharing", I thought I'd add the following article. I've always felt those little gel packs you find in everything were just so annoying!  Someone with more time than I have, figured out how to use them constructively once you remove them from your bottle of aspirin, shoebox, handbag, whatever. Take a look!  :)


After you Read This, you will Never Throw These Bags Again
Many people think that these little bags are poisonous, but they are not! They have many helpful uses:

Put them in a backpack for training
These bags can help to eliminate moisture and bacteria from your bags, but are also very useful in eliminating the odor.
Put them in a towel
This will prevent the spread of moisture in towels and prevent odor. Just put a couple of these bags in your closet with the towels.
Your razor will last longer
Stop leaving your razors in the bathroom, where it’s always damp. Just put them in a plastic container and add a few of these silica gel sachets in it. This will make your razors last longer.
Save your cell phone
You may have used methods with a glass jar filled with rice, into which you put your phone that fell into water. Now you can use the same method, but instead of rice, you can fill up a jar of silicone bags. It will be 10 times more effective.
Prevent foggy windows on the car
Instead of waiting for the ventilation to do its job, just put a couple of these bags under the windshield from the inside. The next morning you will notice that the windows on your car are no longer blurred. This is the fastest and most effective way to prevent fogging of windows on your car.
Keep your old photos
We all know that our old photos eventually fail. This is really sad, because these are our memories of the past and we are quite attached to them. Just put a couple of packets in a box with old photographs if you want to save them from moisture, which can really destroy them.
Keep your makeup
All you need to do is to put one or two bags of silica in your makeup kit in order to preserve all the powder make-up of clotting.
Compliments of GR ~


  1. I'm shouting in agreement over here!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. You know how I feel. To each his/her own. I have to admit it took several unpleasant circumstances to wake me up. Sad but true. It is easy to get sucked into it all these days with all the social media hoopla. Something my pastor said struck me would I feel if I knew what I said/posted hurt or knocked down someone. Ouch! That is not what we are here for. Love one another. Be humble, be kind. There is too much hate in this world already. I also believe that it begins by being comfortable in your own skin.

  3. I am actually ill from all that's going on. Or maybe I have a big. It feels the same!
    Will 'normal' ever return and what IS that??

  4. Oh Pat...this is THE BEST POST! I agree, I agree. There was no honorable candidate this time's been very hard to watch. I have tuned out too now that we voted early. I feel our country has reached an all time low which probably will not improve. ALso...blogs...big blogs! I am always curious as to how some people feel and say, I am the one you want to be like. Some live in a museum type home. Some have more dishes that they could open their own store with! I am amazed and think, at what point in time do you stop refurnishing your home? Retirement is going to come at some you worry about healthcare? Maybe we are just in two different worlds. I like people that just enjoy their darling homes, their families, what their favorite cake is! Oh is a big blogging world...let's just enjoy the ride! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Great post. I am saddened by all of the politics. So much pointing finders and lying. Great tip on the little silica bags. I am fortunate enough that my husband provide us with a goods lifestyle, but I still bargain shop. I enjoy creating fun projects from the Dollar store and I love a clean house and homemade food. So sorry your Mother didn't take the time to sit down and talk with you. Happy Friday Pat. P.S. Thank you again for commenting about gallstones. More info and experiences is always beneficial.

  6. Well, now you did it!!!! AND GOOD FOR YOU! You have echoed so many of my sentiments. I refuse to get pulled into the political mess that every seems to need to shout their opinion(s) about. I know what I know and I am voting as I am going to vote and no matter how many opinions I read, how many spikes of hatred are thrown, I will not change my mind/vote. lol

    I agree. I am sometimes overwhelmed by all the money spent for things that will be 'out of style' or passe in a few weeks or months. I do think age is part of it and when you go through some life altering events you realize that some THINGS just don't matter. THINGS are things and the enjoyment of them is often fleeting, at best.

    I loved Lauren's post and Ron's post and now YOUR post. I have one coming up that will probably lose me a few oh well....

    Have a wonderful, blessed weekend, Pat. xo Diana

    ps. As for me and mine- we voted today!

  7. I loved reading your post, my friend! Some things do seem so pointless, don't they? Being thankful for our blessings is one thing that I'm trying to do. Right how I'm reading the Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness, which is very good and puts things in perspective. As for voting, I did my part today, right before having a mammogram! I'm ready for all the nastiness to go away. Thanks for all that you share. Happy weekend to you!

  8. Hi Pat, what a wonderful post and so true. Being thankful remembering how blessed we are for every thing big and small each day we once again wake up. As for voting, we early voted and now ready for it all to be over!!
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring posts. Have a nice weekend. Blessings xo

  9. Hi Gypsy...good post...we voted early and I don't watch any of it on tv any more..I switched over to Steve Harvey and Family Feud...I've noticed I don't have to take nearly as many tums now....haha
    xo b


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